This is the latest fake email from Amazon trying to get your password

fake amazon mail

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. Fall for a scam, fortunately not. Have you recently received an email from Amazon urging you to change your password? You are not the only one. For some time now, there are not a few users who have denounced in forums and social networks the receipt of an email that indicates that our Amazon account has been blocked. To fully unlock it, we will have to access the link provided by the email and proceed in the usual way. The problem is that we are again faced with a fake email . The objective? Get the password for our account. Nothing new under the sun.

Beware of Amazon mail to change the password: it is false

A new wave of fake emails from Amazon is lurking over dozens of email addresses. Last week we received an email of this type with the following message:

Dear Customer,

We have blocked your Amazon account because our service has detected two unauthorized devices. Our service has protected your account from someone who has accessed your Amazon account from other devices and locations.

Before someone can change your account information or order any item with a credit / debit card bill. For your security, we have blocked your Amazon account.

How do I unblock my account?

You must verify your Amazon account and fill in the information from the details that were printed on your account when you first registered. To complete the process, click on the button link below.

The Amazon account will be unlocked automatically, after completing the account verification as soon as possible. If you don't verify within 24 hours, our service will permanently block your Amazon account.

Thanks again for your visit to Amazon.

From the same email allegedly sent by Amazon , the user is urged to reactivate the account through a link provided by the body of the message itself . We once again reaffirm the above: we are faced with a fraudulent email. The difference with other scams, such as MediaMarkt or Correos, is that the look of it is quite convincing. In fact, it perfectly supplements the aesthetics of an original Amazon email.

Keys to detect a fake Amazon email

Although this time the aesthetics of the email is quite convincing, there are some keys to detecting this type of fraud. The first is based precisely on analyzing the email address that sends us the message .

This is the latest hoax email trying to get your Amazon password 1

In our case the sender is the following:

The key to this is that just after the sender the following string is added:

The objective? That the email client we use detects the email as an email from Amazon . The way to confirm that we are, indeed, facing a fraudulent email, is to analyze the attached link. In our case the address is the following:

  • //

It is enough to access the original domain of the link ( ) to reveal the authenticity of the email. For testing, a button.

fake amazon website

Our recommendation to avoid this type of fraud is simple: do not click on links or buttons found within an email . Any management of our account must be done within Amazon through or through the mobile application.