Xiaomi Redmi 4X, features, price and opinions

Xiaomi Redmi 4X, features, price and opinions

Good pretty and cheap. A premise that suits Xiaomi's strategy like a glove. The Xiaomi Redmi 4X is the new representative of a generation of mobiles with a very competitive price and good features. This device is presented together with the Xiaomi Mi 5c, has a 5-inch screen and will be available in two different configurations. The most basic includes 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. While the most powerful reaches 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

The price of the Xiaomi Redmi 4X is also a key aspect. The most basic configuration would be around 100 euros , while the powerful one is around 125 euros.

All this with a design that bets on curved edges, color and the use of metal. A premium design that greatly enhances the appeal of the Xiaomi Redmi 4X, and more so considering that we are facing a model that is around 100 euros. We tell you its main characteristics.

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Elegant metallic design and fingerprint reader

The Xiaomi Redmi 4X surprises with its design. It is not so easy to see a mobile with a metallic design and neat lines for a price of 100 euros. Those responsible for Xiaomi already explained that they did not earn money from the sale of mobile phones. And, seen what has been seen with the Redmi 4X, it is understood why. His strategy is to achieve the highest possible sales volume.

In addition to the use of metal, we have a fingerprint reader in the back that will serve to provide an extra security system. If it works like the one on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, we will enjoy an advanced tool that easily recognizes the fingerprint in any position.

Also noteworthy are two speakers at the bottom, next to the USB charging port . These speakers promise good performance and one more point in sound quality (always taking into account the limitations of mobile phones in this regard).

The Xiaomi Redmi 4X will be available in three different color configurations in pink, black and gold .

Xiaomi Redmi 4X datasheet

screen5-inch IPS, 1,280 x 720 pixels (294 dpi)
Main chamber13 MP, LED flash
Camera for selfies5 MP
Internal memory16GB / 32GB
Extensionmicro SD
Processor and RAMQualcomm Snapdragon 435 (eight cores at 1.4 Ghz), 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM
Battery4,000 mAh
Operating systemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
ConnectionsBT 4.1, GPS, USB, LTE
DesignMetal, 2.5D curved glass
Dimensions69.96 x 139.24 x 8.65 mm (150 grams)
Featured FeaturesGreat battery, fingerprint reader
Release dateComing soon
Price100 euros (approx.), 125 euros (approx.)

xiaomi redmi 4x metallic design

Great battery and good features

One of the great keys to this phone is its battery. We are talking about a capacity of 4,000 milliamps , when the normal thing for this 5-inch format is to move around 2,500 or 2,700 milliamps. Without a doubt, it is not very risky to say that the Xiaomi Redmi 4X should give us two days of normal use without the need for recharging .

On the other hand, this mobile includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 eight-core processor . Each of these cores with a speed of 1.4 GHz. It is not a very powerful processor, but it must reach without problems for the usual uses of the mobile. In addition, Xiaomi does a very good job of lightening its interface. Along with this processor we will have 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM , depending on the chosen configuration.

We also have two options in the memory section. The simplest is 16 GB of internal memory, while the advanced version reaches 32 GB .

xiaomi redmi 4x price

Price and reviews

As we said at the beginning, the Xiaomi Redmi 4X will be available in the coming days in two different configurations. The first of them with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory will be priced at 100 euros (approx.). Meanwhile, the model with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory will go up to around 125 euros . In both cases, it must be borne in mind that the price is usually inflated when the devices arrive here in Spain.

Be that as it may, we are facing a model with a reduced price and quite attractive. Starting with its design, with the use of metal in its curve and the presence of a fingerprint reader. And going through its excellent 4,000 milliamp battery, much higher than what is usually seen in models of this size. Without a doubt, an interesting proposal with many arguments to become your new battle mobile .