Road tax 2020: how and when to pay it online

Pay the road tax online

The road tax or tax on mechanical traction vehicles (IVTM), is a rate that every year we have to pay all of us who have a car or some type of vehicle. Normally, it covers a deadline to make the payment between April 1 and May 31 . Now it is also possible to pay it through the Internet, we explain how to do it.

A short time ago, most of the payments to the public administration had to be made by going to the bank or passing through the town hall itself, without being able to avoid the endless lines. This has been changing little by little, and you can already pay most taxes, paperwork and fines through the Internet. From our own home with greater comfort. A good example of this is the road tax, which can already be paid through the Internet thanks to the facilities offered by municipalities . It is also a good measure so that we do not leave these types of payments for later and in the end we end up forgetting, and as a consequence we get an additional surcharge.

Pay the Road Tax 2020 through the Internet

To make this payment online, you must necessarily go to the website of the town hall of our municipality . From the general access point of the government administration, we can go directly to this tax. Each municipality offers different possibilities, so we can find that some municipalities do not allow this type of payment over the Internet. An example of a community where the road tax can be paid online in 2020 is in the Community of Madrid.

You just have to enter its electronic headquarters. Next, it appears that the deadline for this year's payment is from April 1 to June 31. In the Process section, the options for making the payment are by phone, in person and online. By clicking on process online, it offers us access to the folder of our taxes, selecting it opens a window for us to enter the identification data with the electronic certificate or cl @ ve. You can also access the payment gateway to process the debts that we have pending online.

Depending on the town hall where you are registered, you will have some options or others to pay for the procedures. The Malaga city council is another example of the facilities that some official organizations give to pay taxes. In its section Letters of payment in voluntary period, there are the payment taxes that exist on the current date for any citizen registered in Malaga to make these payments online.