The most monstrous technology, 10 super construction machines

construction machine

The colossal constructions that we see in big cities are not made with ordinary machines. To build bridges, dig deep tunnels or even transport rockets, technologies that we could describe as 'monstrous' are needed . We wanted to compile 10 videos that bring us closer to the fascinating world of construction machines, so that we can see, in all its splendor, their capacity for destruction.

If yours are the tremendous, robust machines, of a wild destruction capacity; If yours is the DIY on a large scale; If you have a handyman inside you, you cannot miss our special 10 videos of construction machines that you can see on YouTube.

Top 7 terrifying industrial machines

In this top 7 we are shown machines as devastating as a huge excavator specialized in underground lairs and war trenches or a gigantic circular saw that is operated sitting down.

5 terrifying industrial machines

Do you want to see how an entire van ends up being shredded as if it were paper ? Or how are there terrible machines dedicated only to the destruction of trees to build on?

Monstrous machines in the world

This video only has pictures and music. Under a curious funky musical thread we will be able to delight ourselves with images of mass destruction . Ideal if you've had a bad day at work.

The largest machine for building bridges

Every time you cross a bridge, keep this video in mind. An engineering work as precise and delicate as a bridge can only be done with a suitable machine. And this is the machine. Really impressive.

Special machines with robust equipment

If you want to see some of the most spectacular roller mills , excavators, tunnel boring machines… don't miss this video of almost 9 minutes. An ode to destruction that we can enjoy over and over again.

7 extreme machines you must see

In this special extreme construction machines video we can see, among others, a bucket wheel excavator, a rocket transporter, the world's largest tunnel boring machine and more. Don't forget the packet of popcorn and tranxilium, because this video promises strong feelings.

Strange construction machine jobs

Do you want to see two excavators having a tough fight? And one of them playing jenga? Or a bulldozer performing an elegant choreography ? Well, don't miss the following video. It will leave you with your mouth open.

The 10 most monstrous machines of all time

If you still want more, this video shows some of the most powerful, largest and most destructive machines of all time. 8 minutes of pure adrenaline in which, in addition, you can find out how they work . I can't think of a better plan for this afternoon, no doubt.

Specialized bridge construction machines

Almost 20 minutes dedicate this exciting video to shelling some of the most powerful bridge building machines . If you suffer from vertigo we advise you to see this special with caution. Don't say that we haven't warned you!

The 10 most incredible construction machines in the world

Machines that build houses brick by brick, gigantic drilling machines with millimeter precision , robots with arms that support up to 220 kilos, tunnel boring machines that can cause nightmares ... All this in a 10-minute special that you can see below.

Let's hope you liked these 10 construction machine videos as much as we did. Although, to tell the truth, more than construction they seem destruction, right?