Yomvi disappears, what changes with Movistar Plus?

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The absorption by the telecommunications giant Telefonica of the Grupo Prisa audiovisual platform, Canal + / Yomvi has already been consummated almost a year and a half after the purchase. Very gradually, they have changed from some of their own content to the aesthetics and corporate image of the channels. Below you will find out what this change has meant for users and clients of Movistar Plus, formerly Yomvi.

# 0

The most significant change came at the beginning of the year when the historic main channel, Canal + itself, disappeared forever to become # 0 . A bet of the new owners to have a channel that competes directly with the general channels. A former outsider of the network such as the Ilustres Ignorantes program (starring Javier Cansado, Javier Coronas and Pepe Colubi) became the jewel in the crown. Andreu Buenafuente was in charge of unofficially kicking off # 0 with LateMotiv . The former presenter of Telecinco Raquel Sánchez Silva returned to present Likes. Vice magazine acquired an alternative information space and Jon Sistiaga successfully reconceptualized his documentary program called Taboo .

After these changes aimed at competing with the televisions that broadcast open, a good number of programs have arrived. To medium-profile spaces of own production such as When Ya No Esté or La Huida this new season, the first complete as Movistar +, presents new formats. One of them is Día Cero , a social program that narrates the lives of three people who were born on the same day. The humor has also been reinforced with Loco Mundo , a space faced by David Broncano . In the same way, classics like El Día Later have been reconceptualized with new presenters such as the mythical announcer Antoni Daimiel .

Some micro-spaces, typical in the Plus catalog, have also been renewed as Modern Heroes , a mini-program of interviews. The Institute, Maraton Man, The Secret Life of Children join import shows and series that can be seen in the basic package such as Love At The First Click, Mary Beard, The Good Wife, The Five, Los Ochenta or Hackea Tu Vida .

Content download

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One of the great novelties that Movistar + gradually added to its offer on its digital platform was the downloading of content for offline viewing. At first the offer was quite Pyrrhic, but as the months go by, the offer is very wide. Although top quality content such as the most outstanding series of the programming or the latest premiere movies are not usually available.

Currently we can find practically all Movistar + self-produced programs as well as a good number of films, series and children's content . In this way, the content download works as a kind of particular video store to be used in case of need rather than a store where the best content can be viewed.

To download the content, you just have to go to the "More" tab and enter the section for downloading. All available titles are stored there, although its classification system is not entirely optimal.

To download it, it is necessary to stop using the device in question. Since it requires you to stay in the foreground as well as disable the automatic lock. From the moment the download occurs, you have thirty days to view the content and only 48 hours from the start of playback. Only the versions in Spanish are available and be careful with data consumption because the download of content through this system is also enabled (in addition to WiFi). Depending on file sizes, the download may take up to thirty minutes or more. This section is then accessed through the tab "My Content -> My Downloads". Although then each specific section has its own download section.

For me

The latest addition is this system by which Movistar + puts its algorithms at the service of the client . Since, depending on the tastes and content viewed by the user, the system manufactures a list of personalized recommendations.

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It does not require any action from the customer. You just have to access the "My Content" tab and then enter the "For Me" section.

New channels

At the birth of Cero as a result of the old Canal +, new channels were incorporated. From the hand of Movistar + new channels such as Movistar + Partidazo arrived (where they only cast the one they themselves selected as the best match of the Spanish League of the day). After the controversy of not buying the UEFA Champions League last season, the incorporation of the BeIn Sports channel has made up for that lack so demanded by the most soccer clients. At the beginning of the season they also incorporated BeIn Sports La Liga , a channel focused on the Spanish domestic competition.

Canal + Xtra (now Movistar + Xtra) no longer requires a specific subscription, although the exclusivity of its contents has also diminished. AMC was another of the channels that became part of Movistar + content. del At the sports level, the famous sports channel Eurosport was also reincorporated .

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With the change of owners, the television application has undergone a series of very substantial changes, especially for football lovers. Since the specific channels, Movistar + Fútbol, ​​Movistar + Partidazo, as well as the two BeIn channels , they cannot be accessed through the smart tv app. This is due, according to sources from the company itself, to the "large number of illegal accesses" that occurred. That is, people who, theoretically, went to non-users' homes and accessed their account.

As in their day they suppressed Canal + Champions, for this season the two channels destined for the Spanish La Liga, Movistar + Liga and Movistar + Liga 2, a channel that only lasted one season, dedicated exclusively to the second division of national football, have struck down.

Change of corporate image

The visual aspect has been one of the works that has been carried out more slowly. Since the purchase was not duly communicated to Canal Plus' longtime customers. Since a social media makeover came first than a personal notification to customers. Many of which had more than ten subscribers.

With the exception of channel Cero, all channels have changed from being called “Canal +” to “Movistar +”, although they have maintained the historical nomenclature of most channels.

New content

Where the brand has been reinforced the most has been in sports content. Currently all the major sports competitions in the world, from motorcycling to skiing, are available on Movistar + Plus. The strong competition with Netflix at the seriophile level has made its series catalog not as powerful as it used to be. Especially because some time ago big names in the Netflix catalog like House Of Cards became one of the stars of Canal + programming. Although by volume it does not have much to envy the American streaming platform. What has gone into the background is the cinema. To such an extent that it even appears after Series in the order in which it appears on the cover of the application.