How to transfer all the data to the new mobile and not lose anything

How to transfer all the data to the new mobile and not lose anything

Releasing a new smartphone is one of the best sensations that every user who is fond of technology can experience. However, an experience as pleasant as this also has some drawbacks, such as the process of transferring all contacts, applications and data in general from one terminal to the other, something that can be quite cumbersome. We explain how to transfer all the data to the new mobile and not lose anything .

Transfer the contacts to your new smartphone

The first step when we launch a new mobile is to transfer all the contacts you have to the new terminal. Fortunately, Google makes it quite simple, with a functionality that allows you to synchronize the different contacts stored in the Google account.

This interesting function will only work if you have activated the synchronization of contacts in the mobile that you have been using until now. Therefore, the first thing you should do is check that you have contact synchronization activated .

check that you have synchronization activated

After that, once you have launched your new phone, you just have to log in with the same Google account that you used on the previous device. With this you should see all the contacts in the new terminal.

In case you don't want to sync your contacts with your Google account, you can also import them from the SIM card . To do this, you just have to enter the contacts application of your new mobile, once inside, access the menu by clicking on the three dots icon and select the option 'Import / Export'.

From there you will be able to import in a very simple way all the contacts that you have stored in the SIM card. You just have to select all the contacts you want to import and then click "OK".

In case you had the contacts stored in the memory of your old smartphone, and not on the SIM card, you must first export them to the SIM card.

Transfer WhatsApp chats to your new smartphone

Once you have imported all the contacts, you will have to import all the WhatsApp chats, in order to continue enjoying all the advantages that this application offers you.

WhatsApp includes a function to automatically backup data to the Google Drive cloud. This function is activated by default with the application, so it is most likely that you had it activated until now.

In this way, when you log into your WhatsApp account on the new smartphone, it will offer you the option to import all the data.

If you did not have the option activated, you must first make a backup from your old smartphone. To do this you need to enter the WhatsApp menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three dots.

Once inside, enter ' Chats ' and then ' Backup '.

Pass WhatsApp chats

Now select the Gmail account you want to backup, and click on 'Save'. With this you will have created a backup of your data, and you can restore it when you log into your WhatsApp account on the new smartphone.

Move all applications to the new device

If your old smartphone has NFC technology, and the new one too, you can use the "Touch and go" application to transfer all data from the previous device to the current one, including all the applications you have installed.

Touch and go

When you are setting up your new smartphone, it will offer you the option to import data from the old device using NFC technology. You just have to choose the option ' Other Android device '.

Next, choose the option 'Touch and Done'. Finally, activate the NFC technology in the old smartphone and place the devices making them contact from the back .

You should hear a sound and an option will appear to start the process from the old smartphone. You simply have to tap on 'Next', and then on 'Copy', to start the process of transferring all the data.

Transfer the photos to your new smartphone

When it comes to transferring all your photos from your current device to your new one, you can use several options.

What works best in most cases is to back up all the photos you have on your old smartphone using the Google Photos app . This backup is stored in your Google Drive account, so you can access it very easily from your new mobile with the Google Photos application.

Transfer the photos to your new smartphone

Other options that you can use is to transfer the photos from the old mobile to the computer, and then transfer them back to the new mobile. Finally, you can upload the photos to Google Drive , this way you can download them when you have logged into the new mobile.

Transfer call history and SMS

SMS Backup and Restore

If you wish, you can even transfer the call history and all the SMS you have received to a new device. You can do it very simply thanks to the SMS Backup & Restore application, which you can download from Google Play for free.

Transfer all your data with CLONEit


CLONEit is another application that is available for free on Google Play, and that will make your life much easier when it comes to transferring all the data from your current mobile to the new device that you have purchased.

The CLONEit application generates a Wi-Fi connection between both devices to transfer all the data quickly and safely. To be able to use it, you just have to install the application on both devices.

Once you have finished installing the application on both phones, you just have to start it and it will ask you which is the source device and which is the destination device. The process of transferring data over the Wi-Fi network is quite fast, although its duration depends on the amount of data to be transferred.