Samsung NU8000, new 4K TVs with HDR10 + and more intelligence

Samsung NU8000, new 4K TVs with HDR10 + and more intelligence

It seemed that they were never going to arrive (well, perhaps it is something exaggerated because we are in February), but the new Samsung televisions for 2018 are beginning to appear. Specifically, the company has launched the new Samsung NU8000 and Samsung series on its North American website NU7000 . These mid-range televisions arrive to replace the current MU8000 and MU7000. Both series have flat and curved models, in addition to standing out for including HDR10 +.

In this article we are going to focus on the new Samsung NU8000 series . This is made up of two models, the Samsung NU8500 with a curved screen, and the Samsung NU8000 with a flat screen. These are televisions with 4K resolution, HDR10 + system, improved movement, new automatic game mode and more intelligent system. So let's review its features.

Samsung NU8000 and NU8500

new Samsung NU8000 flat

Samsung has renewed its upper-mid-range televisions with two new series. At the top of this range we have the Samsung NU8000 and the Samsung NU8500, the first with a flat screen and the second with a curved screen .

Both models have panels with Edge LED lighting and 4K resolution . In addition, the company has applied some systems to improve the image. For example, we have  Dynamic Crystal Color to improve color rendering. They also include the  Ultra Slim Array system , to control lighting.

On the other hand, the new Samsung NU8000 include Motion Rate 240 . This allows you to enjoy smooth and sharp action, even in the fastest scenes.

new Samsung NU8000 HDR

Another of the great novelties that comes to the new Samsung televisions is the HDR10 + . This dynamic metadata format is proposed by Samsung, Panasonic and others to compete with Dolby Vision.

Also, Samsung is aware that its mid-range TVs are chosen by many gamers. Therefore, the new Samsung NU8000 have a new "Auto Game" mode . According to the company, the TV will detect the type of console we have connected and will adapt the settings to get the best gaming experience. This minimizes response time and image adjustment.

Clean and discreet design

Along with renewed technical characteristics, the new televisions change their design. Of course, Samsung maintains the design concept in 360 degrees . That is to say, beautiful in front and behind.

Both the Samsung NU8500 and the Samsung NU8000 feature the same design. The difference is the same as on the screen. While the first has a curved base, the second is flat .

new Samsung NU8000 wiring

At the rear we have a scratched finish, with a cable management system at the bottom . This goes to the back of the base, where the wiring comes out.

Smarter TVs

One of Samsung's strengths is its Smart TV system. The company has been developing this system for years and has some exclusive partners who give it a very important plus. Now this improves with the incorporation of the Samsung assistant and a more intelligent system .

The new Samsung NU8000s have the One Remote control, voice search function and universal program guide .

new Samsung NU8000 Bixby

Also, Bixby is now coming to televisions . Samsung's personal assistant, which we first met with the Samsung Galaxy S8, is joining the company's line of televisions. Bixby makes it easy to browse content, change channels, or even ask questions like the current weather using just your voice. Just click on voice recognition on your remote or mobile, and Bixby is there for you.

On the other hand, the new televisions join Samsung's SmartThings system . Now we can use the TV to connect to a wide range of smart devices and appliances, from the refrigerator to the mobile. We can change the temperature of the room, see what is in the fridge or who is at your door, all from the sofa.

Price and availability

new Samsung NU8000 prices

At the moment we do not know when these new televisions will arrive on the European market. As we mentioned, they have appeared on the company's American website.

The Samsung NU8500 looks like it will be available in 55 and 65 inches . Its price starts from 1,300 dollars, about 1,100 euros to change .

The Samsung NU8000 appears with diagonals of 49, 55, 65 and 82 inches . Its price starts at 1,000 dollars, about 820 euros to change .

As soon as these televisions appear on the Spanish Samsung website we will update the information. Stay tuned.