Samsung Sound + HW-MS650, analysis and test of this soundbar

Samsung Sound + HW-MS650, we have tested it

The Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 is a wireless sound bar capable of substantially improving the sound of our television . This is achieved thanks to its nine speakers, each with its own amplifier and Distortion Cancellation technology. A perfect sound bar to accompany our 4K television, as it allows 4K and HDR signals to pass through. All this accompanied by Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to stream from our mobile or tablet.

In short, a very complete soundbar with great audio quality. The Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 is already on sale with an official price of 550 euros. We have had the opportunity to try it for a few days and we will tell you what we think .

Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 datasheet

TypeSound bar
Audio technology9 speakers (6 woofers and 3 tweeters) divided into 3 channels, Each channel with its own amplifier, Wide Range Tweeters, Distortion Cancellation
Rear speakersYes (optional. Model SWA-9000S)
ConnectionsHDMI 2.0 input and output, Optical digital output
4K pass-throughYes (HDR compatible)
Compatible soundDolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround (2 Ch)
Online servicesTuneIn, Spotify, Deezer, 7digital, Juke, Murfie, Napster, Qobuz, Tidal
Network connectionNot
Wifi Yes
Wireless subwooferNot
Remote controlYes
Dimensions106 x 7.8 x 13 cm (W x H x D)
Weight6.2 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price550 euros  (official price)

Simple but quality design


Samsung has designed the Sound + HW-MS650 not to attract undue attention. It measures 106 centimeters long, which makes it ideal to accompany a 49-inch TV and up . On this occasion Samsung has opted for a straight format that does not take up too much space. The bar has a height of 7.8 centimeters, something to consider before buying. We have used it together with a Samsung QLED Q7F television, with which we have not had any height problems. But it is logical, since the base of this television raises the screen quite a bit.

Also to consider is a depth of 13 centimeters . It's generally not a particularly large soundbar, but it's good to know your measurements before purchasing.

Regarding its design, we have a metallic upper part in black . This is not a plain black, but rather a rather elegant brushed aluminum finish. On the front we find an aluminum grill that runs along the entire front, covering the speakers and a small screen located on the far right (looking at the front bar). This screen shows letters large enough to see perfectly from the couch.

The sides of the bar, however, are made of plastic. On the right side, again looking at the bar in front, we have four physical controls . From here we can raise and lower the volume, change the source and turn the sound bar on or off.

The rear is not too mysterious. We have some holes to anchor the bar to the wall, as well as the hole for the connections. These are sort of divided into two parts. In the innermost area we have the optical digital input and the auxiliary input . Above them we have  a single HDMI input and an output prepared for ARC and compatible with 4K, HDR, 60p and HDCP 2.2 .

The connection to the electricity grid is striking. And it is that the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 has a network input, but also an output . This is used to connect the TV to the bar and to connect both devices with a single power cable. Something that will come in handy if we have decided to use the Samsung wall bracket to hang the bar and the TV.

Technology for the best sound

we have tested Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 sound quality

The Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 sound bar incorporates 9 speakers (6 woofers and 3 tweeters) each with its own amplifier . However, there are two key features of this soundbar.

On the one hand we have the  Multi-Speaker control , which allows the speakers to move at the same time eliminating distortions. On the other hand we have the Distortion Cancellation technology . This consists of an algorithm that previously analyzes the sound source and neutralizes any distortions before they occur. The combination of the two makes the soundbar deliver deeper and clearer bass without using an external subwoofer.

Additionally, Samsung has employed wide-range tweeters , which minimize interference between speakers by using a wider crossover range than normal tweeters. The use of these tweeters achieves, according to the company, that we always hear the sound with the same quality and detail at any listening point.

we have tested Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 tweeters

Another advantage of the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 over other sound bars is the incorporation of a center channel . It improves the clarity of dialogue in movies and television shows.

We also have available several sound modes to suit the content standard, music, clear voice, sports and movies . It also includes a surround sound mode that adds space and depth. We will even have a "Smart Sound" mode, which selects the best settings adapting to the content that is being played.

Powerful and quality sound

Perhaps what is most surprising when listening to the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 soundbar is its bass . Samsung has managed to generate some very remarkable bass in a soundbar without an external subwoofer. It also offers enough power to fill a large room without too much trouble.

we have tested Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 sound

But in addition to offering deep bass, the best thing is that it does it in a very controlled way . We haven't noticed that these interfere with the midrange or the clarity of the highs. The overall balance is really good and the dialogue sounds very clear, thanks in large part to the addition of the center channel.

In general the sound achieved with the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 is really good . We have a very present mid-range, a lot of highs, a forceful bass and a wide sound scene. But we will not only notice its quality in the action scenes, also in the more subtle scenes. In addition, the quality is maintained up to a fairly high volume level. It is true that when we approach 70% we can begin to notice a certain “squeak”, but it will be strange that we need such a high volume.

As for the surround mode, it offers a somewhat wider sound field. However, we cannot compare it to a 5.1 sound system . We will not notice how the effects dance behind our ears. But that is something that we can apply to the vast majority of sound bars.

we have tested Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 surround

If we want to achieve a more realistic surround sound, we can add the Samsung SWA-9000S speaker kit. Its price is 180 euros and includes two small rear speakers that will connect to the soundbar wirelessly . This does not mean that we do not need cables, since the "receiver" requires a power cable. Also, satellite speakers are connected to the "receiver" by a cable.

Wireless music from any device

Although a sound bar is designed to accompany a television, that does not mean that it is the only use we can give it. Currently this type of equipment usually includes WiFi connectivity and even Bluetooth. This allows us to use them as a music player, being able to stream from the mobile or tablet .

The Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 soundbar includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity . To control the content that we send to the bar, we will have to download the Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom application . It is available for both Android and iPhone.

With this application we will have access to many of the most popular streaming services : TuneIn, Spotify, Deezer, 7digital, Juke, Murfie, Napster, Qobuz and Tidal. Of course, in some like Spotify, we will need to have a premium account to be able to use it. We will also have access to the content that we have on the network, such as on a NAS, a computer or a network hard drive.

As you can see in the images, the application shows the content in a very graphic way . At the top we have access to the different streaming services. But also to the hard drives or devices that we have on the network. And if we have the content well organized in these, we will see the folder structure, but we can also search by artist, album and much more. We will even see the covers of the songs.

In addition to access to content, the application also offers other options. In the sidebar menu we can see all the available speakers. And is that the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 soundbar is part of Samsung's Multiroom system . In the opposite corner we have access to the configuration. Here we can update the firmware of the speakers to configure some parameters of it.

Conclusions and price

we have tested Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 conclusions

Samsung has pulled a really complete soundbar up its sleeve. If you want to improve the sound of your TV without even having room for a subwoofer, the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 is a great choice . Thanks to the included audio technology, this soundbar offers powerful and balanced bass, which is very difficult to achieve in other models without a subwoofer.

We also have a high-quality design, a reduced installation to the minimum expression and a first-rate wireless connectivity . And it is even more surprising when we listen to music, since it offers a detailed and dynamic sound.

And although it does not have too many negative points, we have found some. The first is that it only includes an HDMI input , which will limit us when it comes to connecting devices. Although it is true that we can connect them directly to the television and use the ARC or optical output to pass the sound. We have already commented on the second, and that is that with very high volume, some quality is lost .

So the Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 soundbar will not disappoint anyone looking for a way to greatly improve the sound of the TV without having to complicate with wiring and external elements such as a subwoofer . And if we want a more complete surround sound we can always add the rear speakers.

The Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 is already on sale with an official price of 550 euros .