FUT 17 Draft Simulator, el FIFA Ultimate Team para móviles

Si no tienes el FIFA 17 o quieres disfrutar de tus Drafts en cualquier lugar, puedes hacerlo a través del móvil. Es verdad, no hay aplicación oficial y no puedes llevar tus equipos de ensueño al juego, pero es todo un divertimento en desplazamientos y tiempos muertos. Hablamos de FUT 17 Draft Simulator. Una de las tantas aplicaciones que imitan el sistema FUT del videojuego FIFA, y que te mostramos en este ví­deo.

It is a very complete game. Of course, it is created by fans, so the final result is not of the same quality as seen in FIFA 17. The good thing is that the mechanics are intact, with their cards, their formations and all the players of the different leagues of the planet.

The chemistry of trading cards

The key in FUT is creating positive relationships between players. The trick is to select players from the same league, the same team, or the same nationality . In this way, on the formation map, the lines take on a greenish color and the value of chemistry increases. Something that makes the team more effective in matches.

Of course, you also have to take into account the value of each card and player. And is that a large part of the team's score depends on them. Something difficult to balance with chemistry . Therein lies the real challenge of FUT 17 Draft Simulator.

Match simulations

From these teams or drafts it is possible to simulate championships. In them the application calculates which team would win and if they are good enough to go to new stages. When our team loses, we are rewarded with three card packs . New faces that we make our own to create truly personalized and non-random drafts.

Multitude of possibilities

But what's great about FUT 17 Draft Simulator is all the extras that come with it. A multitude of game modes such as team building based on requirements, achievements or the player market. Issues that lengthen the hours of play almost infinitely.

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This is FUT 17 Draft Simulator