How to pay by Paypal in stores through the QR code

Pay with QR code in Paypal

Due to the pandemic produced by Covid-19, we live in moments in which cash is used less and less (since it can cause contagion). As a precautionary measure, right now paying with your mobile and credit cards is being the most common. Most of the shops, such as pharmacies, supermarkets, food stores, etc., are prepared for this. Paypal is a frequent means of payment online, but what is not usual is to use it to pay in stores. In this case, through your mobile and through a QR code. An interesting alternative if you don't have an NFC connection to pay directly by mobile or you use PayPal often.

In addition, it has another advantage. In payments with the mobile of more than 20 euros you have to dial the PIN in the payment terminal, which can be dangerous in these times. While with QR codes, no direct contact is going to take place.

How to scan the QR code to pay by Paypal

You must bear in mind that not all businesses have the option of being able to charge through Paypal, so you will have to ask first.

First of all you need to have a Paypal account . If you already know more or less how it works and you have made payments online, you will have it associated with your bank account and your credit card. If not, this is a necessary process that you must do in order to pay with Paypal.

If you already have your account you have to install and open the most recent version of the Paypal application on your mobile . Which is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. Next, you have to enter indicating your login information. The first section that appears is the Quick Payment section and the first option "Scan". When you click on this option, the screen to scan the code appears, and the application asks you to access the camera. You have to click allow and the box will appear where you have to focus the QR code. This code must be provided directly to you where you are making the purchase. Enter the exact amount to pay and press send.

Paypal qr payments

Scan PayPal QR code

In a few moments, the application generates a payment confirmation, you just have to show it to the seller so that they can verify that the amount you paid is correct. And everything will be ready, without the need for any contact.

Generating a QR code is very simple for the merchant who has a Paypal account . Within the "Scan" option of the application, a blue circle appears in the lower right with three horizontal lines, when clicking on it it gives the possibility of "Show a code to receive payments" and "Save a code in the photos". So if where you are going to buy does not have this payment option, you can recommend it as a simple solution.

All the details and frequently asked questions about this topic can be seen in this section of Paypal.