How to attach an email to another Gmail email

Attach email in gmail

Gmail is known as the mail manager of the giant Google, being one of the most used in the world. Its great attraction lies in the fact that it has a large number of functionalities. One of those that we highlight on this occasion is the possibility of being able to attach an email to another Gmail email. We show you in detail how to do it and in what situations it can be very useful.

One of the tools that we use the most in our day to day is undoubtedly email. Specifically, the Gmail email manager exceeds one billion active users per month. Its options are very wide and serve to facilitate a large number of tasks. Attaching an email that already exists in a new email may be necessary for various situations , such as: performing audit processes, sending evidence, offering support to a request that has been made to us, to manage and have better control of users, etc.

Steps to follow to attach an email to another Gmail email

Gmail allows us to attach any type of mail, whether it is stored locally or hosted online. This process is simple and can be followed without any prior knowledge. We are going to detail the different existing methods step by step.

Once you are inside your Gmail mail manager, to attach an email that you already have to a new one that you are going to create, you need to select the email you want to attach with the right mouse button . Among the different options that are displayed, you have to select Forward as attachment . A new email is automatically opened and it appears loaded as an attachment.

Attach gamil's choreography

attach email to another email

There is also another way to carry out this process, also very simple. With the window of the new email that you are going to send open, you simply have to drag the one in your inbox with the mouse to the email window and it will immediately load as an attached email. In addition, you can attach all of the want. The sender will see your attached emails and can view and download them just as you have them.

These are the two methods for you to attach an email already received to a new one that you want to send. This function is very practical so it can be used for many things. Surely on more than one occasion you have missed doing something like this, now you can do it easily.