Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp

Like every fourth of May , Star Wars Day is celebrated . And although any day is good to enjoy the different manifestations of this saga, whether they be movies, series, video games, books ... it's time to remember all those fans around you. You can congratulate them on the day or simply remind yourself that today is the day of the force and that it is well worth celebrating in some way. And here we give you several keys to do it comfortably and quickly on WhatsApp.

If you have a Disney + account, you will already know that the last episode, IX , is now available for you to do the entire movie marathon at home during confinement. In addition, there is a new documentary about the recording of the series The Mandalorian. Not to mention the animation series and other content. Today nothing is missing on this platform. But let's get to what concerns us: congratulate the most Star Wars geeks through WhatsApp.


It's a great way to bring the Star Wars universe into whatever conversation you're having. Of course, the only thing is to have the necessary stickers already available on WhatsApp. That is why we recommend you download some of the collections that are available in the Google Play Store to have them at any time and not miss the opportunity. Either to congratulate your friends on Star Wars day today, or to give them understood any other day.

stickers star wars

  • Baby Yoda Stickers: He is one of the last charismatic characters to land in the franchise. But it is most adorable. And for that reason it is well worth it that you get several collections of stickers around his figure. Download this application and get the ones you like the most. There is everything from expressions in Spanish, to montages to use Baby Yoda to celebrate Valentine's Day. Remember that you can click on the collection that interests you the most to see its elements and then add them to WhatsApp on the green button. From then on you can use them in your chats.
  • Movie and Comics Stickers: This application has a quite generous collection of stickers from different sagas and very recognizable movies. Among them we find a collection intended for Darth Vader. Drawings to use in a multitude of different situations. From his most adorable version to his most vengeful side.
  • Star Wars: But if you are looking for more stickers and montages, you will have to download the official Star Wars application to find a lot of extra content. Here you will see that you have collections of Stickers available to download and share. They do not work like the usual WhatsApp stickers if you use an Android mobile. However, you can download and send all these images as normal photos on WhatsApp. The good thing is that you have references to characters from all the trilogies and even from the animated series. Many more characters available for your chats.

And not only that. You can also create your own photos with stickers to send. Take a photo and add some element to the image to create postcards with which to congratulate this day also on WhatsApp.

Baby yoda


But if there is something animated in WhatsApp chats, it is GIFs . These moving photos not only add expressiveness to conversations, but are the perfect option to reminisce about any scene from the Star Wars franchise. And there is to give and take.

star wars

Our main recommendation is that you download the official Star Wars application to find a lot of scenes in GIF format to share. They are collected in categories, according to emotions. So if you want to show true hatred or rage you can see Anakin yelling that heartbreaking “I hate you” to Obi Wan Kenobi, without some members of his body, available to send. But there are also loving, funny and full of characters. The only problem is that you will first have to download the GIF file from the app to your mobile and then, in WhatsApp, send it as an animated image.

But beware, if you want other GIFs to send, here are several that you can collect and send directly from the Giphy platform, where they are already experts on the subject.

For footballers:

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp 1

For minimalists:

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp 2

For the flirts:

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp 3

For the old school:

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp 4

And for all:

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp 5


And be careful, because another very valid option is to use memes. Any Star Wars scene can be decontextualized with the appropriate label . And we already assure you that there are a few circulating on WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram Stories. Here we collect a few so that you can forward to that special person who is a fan of the saga and that you want to remember today. Because there is everything for everyone.

In times of confinement and COVID19, the dark side has the upper hand. And, for some reason, they all wear respirators, cables, tubes ... Either they have respiratory problems or have prepared well for the pandemic. But it is clear which is the winning side these days.

And the Star Wars Day meme is… # MayThe4thBeWithYou #cronicasdecuarentena

- Servet # QuédateEnCasa (@servetcasabona) May 4, 2020

You may not have a garden to barbecue. But just by looking at this image, knowing that spring is here, you would surely get a lot out of this AT-AT.

The perfect grill does not exist… 111 #Perfecto #asador #starwars #MemesTVCineMusica #memes # memesespañol #momos #momazos # dopl3r

- dopl3r (@ MemesDopl3r) May 1, 2020

This meme has a prize. Do you recognize the performance? Here's a hint: it's a mix of movies featuring Adam Driver. It would be the perfect divorce between Kylo Ren and Rey.

one of my favorite #starwars memes #kyloren

- 😝😝 (@thisjuicyass) April 30, 2020

Why would you want Star Wars toilet paper? Well, to clean up the dark side ...

Star Wars memes always get to me //

- Awful Meme Bot (@awfulmemebot) April 26, 2020

If Unlocks Jaen had been present on the Death Star, the story would have been very different. What a crossover they have mounted with this image.


Ahem, ahem ...

-Are you celebrating Star Wars day?


-And this lightsaber?

- Dog Flaco (@ PerroFlaco77) May 4, 2020

We don't know where it is, but we want to go right now and enter this building. Will there be jawas?

Only Star Wars fans will be able to see it

- Star Wars Spain (@StarWarsEs) May 3, 2020

Be that as it may, and with whoever, may the force be with you

📡 May 4: Happy STAR WARS day !!! 📡

- ReTroTube84 (@ RTube84) May 4, 2020