How to get the Fortnite Honor Guard Skin with the Honor View 20

How to get the Fortnite Honor Guard Skin with the Honor View 20

The Honor View 20, the latest flagship of the Chinese company, was launched a few months ago. This terminal came with Fortnite compatibility at 60 fps and higher performance. Also with a free Skin called Honor Guard. This was officially announced last February and could be redeemed that same day. However, an issue with the promotion caused Honor to temporarily disable the redemption option. Now, we can get the Fortnite Skin again with the honor View 20. We tell you how. 

First of all, it will be necessary to have an Honor View 20 terminal. Previously, we only needed the IMEI codes to redeem it, but this is no longer the case. If you have the device, you just have to go to the App Gallery store and click on the option that says 'I' . Then, go to the gifts section and look for the gift that says HONOR Guard outfit Banner. Click on the get option and follow the steps. The Skin will automatically appear in the account you have linked.

Some tips before redeeming the Skin Honor Guard

#HONORGuard is ready for # HONORView20 users. Go to the AppGallery, tap ”Me” on the navigation bar → Gifts → HONOR Guard outfit banner → apply the code. An apology for the wait - 5 FREE outfits! One could be yours, just by retweeting this post and tagging #HONORGuard.

- HONOR (@Honorglobal) March 28, 2019

Remember that you can only redeem one Skin per device. In addition, it is necessary that you are registered with the Huawei ID and it is best if the address matches your Epic Games account. You can download Fortnite from the App Gallery , so it is easier and they will have less problems. Finally, do not worry if it takes a while to reach your account, sooner or later it will notify you and you can play with the Skin Honor Guard.

Don't have an Honor View 20? The only way to get it is by purchasing this device. However, Honor has activated a giveaway where they give away 5 skins for free. You can participate by following the bases that appear in the tweet.

Finally, do not look for codes on the internet or buy any type of key to get the Skin, as they can scam you.

Have you already redeemed this Skin on your View 20?