The 5 most remembered trolleys of Forocoches

The 5 most remembered trolleys of Forocoches

What do you think Pedro Sánchez, Curri Valenzuela, Antonio “El Tekila” or John Cobra have in common? Although it seems that little or nothing, there is something that relates them. All have been victims of the trolling of Forocoches, the largest forum in Spanish that exists on the Internet. As you may already know, from time to time the user community comes together to perform certain types of mischief that expose the weak security protocols of accounts or companies.

They "show off" a long list. The last one, without going any further, occurred just a few days ago at a medical congress held in Madrid. But Forocoches has touched all the sticks. From the headquarters of the PSOE, until the end of "Got Talent", getting Antonio El Tekila to end up becoming the winner. They even caused them to be about to name the new British Navy ship “Blas de Lezo”. If you want to know the five most popular Forocoches trolleys, do not stop reading.

1. Forocoches la lía in a medical congress in Madrid

The last great misdeed of Forocoches occurred just a few days ago. When at a medical congress held in Madrid, a Forocoches user realized that any photo tweeted with the hashtag # ESPID2017 would appear on a screen at the entrance of the venue. Laughter was guaranteed. We found doctors and assistants taking photos at the entrance of the congress with images of Franco, Pepe Viyuela, the meme of the seal screaming GAAAAAY or a pornographic scene.

Forocoches medical congress

When they realized what was happening, the organization people appeared in front of the screen without knowing exactly how to act on it. Minutes later, the congressional CM began to block all incoming accounts, although of course, the rate of publication was very fast. Without a doubt, this mischief will go down in history as one of Forocoches' mythical ones.


2. El Tekila's victory in Got Talent

Another of Forocoches trolls that have given the most talk is that of El Tekila's victory in the Got Talent final. Unlike other programs on the Mediaset chain, in this talent show presented by Santi Millán, viewers voted for free through the channel's website. As the final gala progressed, it could be observed how Forocoches users began to organize to boycott the program, causing the anger of Risto Mejide himself, one of the members of the jury.

The Tekila Forocoches

“Operation Tekilaso”, as the massive voting for “Got Talent Spain” was called in Forocoches, finally led to the proclamation of Antonio El Tekila as the winner . His most inspiring dance stole the spot from other contestants such as Samuel Martí or Progenyx.


3. Pizzas and mariachis at the headquarters of the PSOE

Last October, hours after Pedro Sánchez resigned as general secretary of the PSOE, the party's headquarters in Madrid's Ferraz street became a full-fledged Forocoches trolley. Pizza delivery men and even a group of Mariachis showed up to the place.

pizzas trolling Forocoches PSOE

The Mexican group that normally sings in Puerta del Sol has a price of 120 euros for half an hour. For this occasion, Forocoches quickly organized a crowdfunding in which users were contributing different amounts of money, creating a letter to immortalize the moment. "Ay, ay, ay, ay, Pedro do not cry, because singing makes him happy, dear dear, the hearts."


They also brought flowers to the headquarters with a sign signed by Forocoches that read: “Pedro be strong. The fighting continues".

Forocoches flowers

4. John Cobra at Eurovision

The most famous of all Forocoches trolls is undoubtedly that of John Cobra as a candidate to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Again, the community of users of the popular forum agreed to vote en masse for Mario Vaquero (better known as John Cobra). The public present at the final gala did not believe what happened and began to boos against the "artist", who could not respond in a polite way and gave the presenter Anne Igartiburu a bad time.

Forocoches John Cobra

John Cobra, of little musical talent, faced the public, previously shouting “Viva Forocoches” . The gala did not end for him as well as he would have liked. Finally, it was Daniel Diges with his song “Algo pequeñito” who attended the Festival that year.

5. Blas de Lezo, British ship

In March of last year, the United Kingdom Navy created a viral campaign under the name of “Name our ship” (name our ship). The initiative was simple. It was a question of voting to baptize the new polar research vessel of the British Environmental Research Council. How could it be otherwise, the community of Forocoches users got together to help. Among all they decided to vote en masse so that the ship could be called Blas de Lezo . So far everything seemed normal, but the truth is that this name contained a lot of irony.

Blas de Lezo Forocoches

Blas de Lezo contributed great things to British underwater research. This is how Forocoches users described it. He was the great Spanish hero against the British Navy during the reign of Felipe V. Despite being nicknamed "half a man" for being lame, one-eyed and one-armed, he beat the British in the battle of Cartagena de Indias in 1741. And that only had a few hundred men and six ships.

Blas de Lezo trolling Forocoches

In any case, the name of Blas de Lezo did not achieve its mission and did not manage to win, although it came to occupy second place with just over thirty thousand votes. It was surpassed by "Boaty McBoatFace", something that can be translated as "Boat Face".