Grundig VLE 6730 BP, Up to 43-inch Full HD LED TVs

Grundig VLE 6730 BP, Up to 43-inch Full HD LED TVs

The German company Grundig has launched a new model of television. It is the VLE 6730 BP model, a device with LED backlight technology and three sizes to choose from, 32, 40 and 43 inches.

They are models equipped with energy saving functions, advanced connectivity and a recording mode . We are going to see the common characteristics of these models, to later be able to analyze the differences of the different sizes.


The Grundig VLE 6730 BP's LED panel offers a Full HD 800 Hz PPr screen resolution in 16: 9 format. Includes Smart TV Interactive 4.0 software, with a Dual core processor and included HbbTV content. As for the tuners, it has DVB-T-2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C. We also find a CI-Plus slot, 3 HDMI ports and a headphone output.

If we are interested in wireless connectivity, the Grundig VLE 6730 BP offers us integrated Bluetooth technology to be able to use gadgets such as wireless headphones. In addition, it also comes equipped with LiveShare, to be able to share content without cables between Widi / Miracast certified devices.

Grundig VLE 6730 BP data sheet

Diagonal32/40/43 inch
Resolution and technologyFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Panel typeLED
Operating systemSmartTV Interactive 4.0 with Dual Core processor
ControlRemote control
SoundSpeakers included, 40W (in 40 and 43 inches) or 28W (in 32 inches), DTS TruSurround audio
ConnectionsCI-Plus slot, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, headphone out
Wireless connectivityBluetooth
Dimensions735 x 443 x 76.6 / 735 x 443 x 76.6 / 976 x 582 x 74.3 mm
Weight5.4kg / 9.44kg / 10.5kg
Release dateAvailable

In terms of audio, all three models include DTS TruSurround HD technology and integrated speakers (40W for the 40- and 43-inch models, 28W for the 32-inch model). With them, the built-in sound experience is guaranteed to be ideal.

If we want to record a program that we are watching, we can do it with the USB 2.0 recorder with twin mode recording and Permanent Timeshift. In fact, we can end up watching a program and recording another on another channel , as long as it comes from the same frequency or the same transponder.

Finally, if we talk about sustainability and savings, the VLE 6730 BP includes an ECO music mode and offers high energy efficiency (A + for the 40 and 43-inch model , A for the 32-inch), thus ensuring that its use does not have practically an impact on electricity consumption.

Grundig VLE 6730 BP, Up to 43-inch Full HD LED TVs 1

Three sizes

The three available sizes of this model will be 32, 40 and 43 inches. The 32-inch model has measurements of 735 x 443 x 76.6 millimeters, and a weight of 5.4 kg. Finally, consumption is 40.1 W .

The next model, 40 inches, measures 735 x 443 x 76.6 millimeters and weighs 9.44 kg. Its consumption is 46.1 W. Finally, the 43-inch model has measurements of 976 x 582 x 74.3 millimeters, a weight of 10.5 kg and a consumption of 43.1 W. For the three models , the only color available is black .

Grundig VLE 6730 BP, Up to 43-inch Full HD LED TVs 2

Availability and prices

For now, we do not have information about the prices of the different models. However, we do know that Grundig has a fairly large network of local distributors in Spain. If you want to know which is the closest store where you can find their products, and perhaps these models, consult their dealer finder.