10 websites to download free PC games

10 websites to download free PC games

What times were those in which our computer was a true center of the video game! Consoles and mobiles have ushered in a new era. It may also be that age has made you completely shed that hobby, almost unhealthy, that left you hours and more hours connected to your PC screen.

Well, to go back to those times, today we have proposed to put together up to 10 web pages to download free PC games . Most of the proposals are for abandonware or even free games. You can, in fact, recover those old glories of the past that made you have such good times. Ready for adventure? Well let's go!

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1. Portable Classic Games,

In Portable Classic Games you will find a varied selection of games of today and always. You can find them in different formats, also to play on video consoles, but you will see that there are a good number of proposals for PC . You can even find great classics from years ago.

To start with any of them, all you have to do is do a search. You can do this or be seduced by the proposals and news that the page on the cover provides. If not, choose the system that you like the most and start diving through all the titles there are. Of course, be very careful what you click: advertising jumps to the minimum.

gamer city

2. City Gamer

Ciudad Gamer is a page from which you can download free and complete games. They are available for Windows 10, 8 and 7, also in the case of portables. In general, the variety is huge . And you can download games according to their technical requirements. In most cases, fairly complete information on the characteristics of the title is included.

You will see, for example, the history of the game, its characteristics and the most important details. If you need to know how to play, you will find it here too. Because detailed instructions are included. In the final part you can also see different screenshots of the game. Thus, you can clarify any doubts about whether or not it is the game you are looking for.


3. Loveroms

What are you a lover of retro? Well, Loveroms can become your next addiction. Here you can find countless pixelated games. All you have to do is enter a keyword and click Search , on the main page itself. You have games available for PC, Mac and Android devices.

What will appear next is a long list with all the options you have to download . Choose the language and platform that interests you to download the game.


4. Doperoms

Another old space is Doperoms. Here you can find Roms and Emulators to bore. There is nothing special about the page, but you can search and locate really cool PC games  to download in minutes.

In this case, yes, you may need emulators to be able to enjoy the games. We recommend that you follow the proposed instructions, because otherwise, the video games you download will not work .


5. Two Games

If MS-Dos was your thing, you may be interested in bringing back those retro games that you enjoyed so much. As you can see, in the networks you have many options and emulators to relive those sensations. On the Dos Games page, updates are conspicuous by their absence, but it may be that when it comes to recovering the past, things have a limit. Here you can find 600 games to download for free , classified by categories.

We could say that it is one of the most complete pages dedicated to the Dos system. The page is not very attractive, but the games have description boxes. This will help you remember what the title was and you can read instructions to download the file and play.

free classic dos games

6. Free Classic Dos Games

Abounding in games for Dos, we also have Free Classic Dos Games. From here you can download a total of 200 games , more or less, for your computer. Keep in mind that these are totally free proposals, so if you want more modern games, you will have to opt for licensed downloads. And in that case you will have to pay.

Abandonware DOS

7. Abandonware DOS

Do you remember Doom, The Secret of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion ? Don't let go of the tear so soon. Save yourself for when you've downloaded all those games that hooked you on the screen. Abandonware DOS is a good place to download them. There are a total of 700.

basic abandonware

8. Basic Classics

Basic Classics is a good place to find old video game glories. You can perform all kinds of keyword searches, but you can also get lost between different categories, developers, language and platforms. Here you can find from the most interesting classics of Lucas Films .

But you can also face endless racing games to race on the best circuits in the world. And face the mythical battles of Mortal Kombat . In addition, it includes recommendations and the history of the great titles.

Open Games

9. Open Games

Here you have Open Games, another platform to download countless free titles. You have abandonware, but also freeware. All are computer (Windows) operative , so if you want to enjoy a good time playing the game, we recommend you dive among the different proposals on the page. You have a very interesting news section.

PC Games Abandonware

10. PC Games Abandonware

And we end with a final page to download games for free. What we like the most is that the classification is very extensive. You can find proposals of all kinds, classified by some categories such as the following : 3D triggers, Arcade, Adventure, Sports, Strategy, Classic Games, Platforms, Boards, Puzzle, etc.

If you don't want to dive by categories, you can also search directly. In this way, you will know instantly if the game you were looking for is on this page . And if you can't find it, you know: you have another nine more pages to try to find it. It would be strange if you didn't locate them around here.