Is it safe to buy on Amazon from unknown sellers?

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Since the Spanish government established the official state of alarm for the coronavirus, dozens of Amazon sellers have emerged on the trading platform. Most of these vendors typically offer electronics products, such as monitors or mobile devices, at a price significantly lower than the suggested retail price. The doubt about this new phenomenon lies precisely in the security of the transactions. Lacking reputation and opinions on their products, we do not have any scale that allows us to know the reliability of the store or seller in question. Is it safe to buy from unknown sellers on Amazon? Are they fake sellers? What guarantees does Amazon offer in these cases?  We see it below.

The condition or model of the product may not match the description

So is. On platforms like Trust Pilot, a website that is responsible for collecting the truthful opinion of different Internet services, some users have reported that the products are not new or do not correspond to the advertised model . Others even claim that the item is defective or not working properly.

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Some opinions are conditioned or 'bought' by the store itself.

This is especially common in electronic products , although it can also occur in other articles on the platform. "There are scam sellers who try to sneak bad and defective products, or sell you used as new," says one of the users affected by this type of practice.

Products arrive late or sometimes do not arrive

There is an unwritten rule that says that most of these sellers come from France, Germany, Italy or China . The problem is that delivery times are quite far from what Amazon currently offers.

Most users agree that the terms are extended even up to 4 or 5 weeks . Others claim not to have received the item in question, so they are forced to resort to Amazon's guarantee from A to Z to claim the amount of the order.

"It is a shame, you put a claim from A to Z and they agree with a Chinese seller who has not sent the merchandise," says one of the affected users. Others claim to have received the full amount after claiming through the platform options. “I made the purchase from an external seller, but the shoes never arrived. Amazon gave me the money back, yes. "

Some products do not come from Spain or Europe, with all that this entails

As we mentioned a few lines back, the appearance of new sellers or sellers without an average score is entirely related to electronics products. Sometimes the price difference with respect to the recommended selling price in Spain is precisely due to the fact that the products come from other countries , generally outside the European Union.

Smartphones, digital cameras, monitors ... Beyond the software limitations that these products may contain (NFC restricted for mobile payments, untranslated software versions ...), the biggest drawback is found in the absence of a warranty from the manufacturer . Brands usually only offer guarantees within the territory where the product is shipped. If the item has an Asian or American numbering, we may not be able to go to the manufacturer.

What we recommend on

Although Amazon tends to side with the customer when faced with this type of practice with its guarantee from A to Z, the team at recommends avoiding these sellers.

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If we still decide to buy through these stores, taking a look at the seller's comments can save us from more than one scare . And remember, not all positive reviews are reliable, some are store-bought.

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