10 questions and answers about the new Netflix offline

netflix offline

The long- awaited day for many has arrived: Netflix allows you to download its content to be able to view it offline. This step will mean that no one will have to worry about faulty Wi-Fi connections anymore , and with a little planning  the service in optimal quality is guaranteed . Since the new function has just been offered , we have thought to anticipate some of your questions and offer you a small questionnaire type Frequently Asked Questions to guide you in your first steps with the new Netflix . There it goes:

From which devices can I download Netflix movies and series? 

You can download movies on  tablets or smartphones , both iOS and Android through its application in the App Store or Play Store . It is not yet available in the Playstation app or the desktop version. We imagine that it is something temporary , yes.

Can the contents be downloaded to the microSD card? 

No , the content is downloaded within the application , and is hosted on the phone's internal hard drive . Sorry for the " pirates " who are reading.

Is all the content available for download?

When entering the application we find a section called Available for download , which suggests that the complete catalog is not available for download. Even so, the folder that we are discussing is gigantic , with dozens and dozens of titles. By the time you finish them  they will have included the complete catalog, for sure.

How much does a Netflix series and movie occupy? 

We have done a test with an episode, the first of the first season of " House Of Cards " and it has occupied 200 Mb , so that is the average for a 50 minute episode . On the other hand, we have downloaded the movie " The good side of things ", which lasts 2 hours , and in the folder it informs us that it occupies 561 MB . So more or less those are the average storage amounts . It must be said that it is quite optimized , thinking about mobile devices and tablets.

netflix offline 5

Can they be downloaded in different qualities? What is the standard quality?

For this example we have used a basic account , which only plays in standard definition ( 720 x 480 pixels ), so it's normal that we apareciesen no options other than reproduction. Surely in the other plans quality can be activated . HD.

How long does it take to download a series or movie? 

The 50-minute episode we downloaded took 6 minutes to download, and the two-hour movie took 20 minutes . This test has been carried out with a 20 Mb ADSL connection  and in standard resolution. Considering the connection, it's a pretty good download time.

Where is the downloaded content stored and how to delete it?

The application has its own folder called My downloads , there you can access the complete list of downloaded files. Also by pressing on the blue icon of the downloaded episode or movie, a tab appears that allows us to delete it at the moment.

netflix offline 4

Do downloaded movies and series expire? What happens in those cases?

No , the movies and series are kept in the application as long as the user wishes. The only limitations are the hard drive of the device used and the maintenance of the service (if you unsubscribe, you will no longer be able to access the downloaded content, since you will not be able to enter the application with your username and password.

Does this service have any kind of extra cost? Is it available with all types of Netflix subscription?

The service has no extra cost , it is part of the same streaming service. We can find it in all plans, Basic, Standard and Premium .

Can I share the downloaded series with other users?

Since they are not downloaded outside of the application, the only way to share these series is through it , either by offering the username and password to another person or by lending the device itself.

These are the main questions that we consider important to know how Netflix works with downloads, we hope they have been useful . If you have any extra questions to add, you can do so in the comments section , and we will try to help you.