No Internet connection: 5 things you can do to recover Internet at home

without internet at home solution

The drama of the 21st century is to run out of Internet at home . Although today most of the connections provided by the main telephone companies have quite decent stability, the truth is that it is not strange to be left without Internet at any given time of the day. The origin of the problem is not always found in the connection of our company, and this is the reason why we will show you several tricks to restore the connection to its usual state.

Restart the router and the devices connected to it

To paraphrase Dani Martín, sometimes the best way to solve problems is to start from scratch by restarting both the router and the devices connected to it. In the case of the former, it is best to unplug the power connection for at least one minute so that the IP addresses can be restored.

Once we start the router again, we will wait a few minutes for everything to return to normal. If the connection does not come back to life, we will have to contact our telephone operator , as it is most likely a network problem.

Check the connection of the router cables

The operation of a router is very simple, and it is generally supported by three cables (four if we have the power cable) that must be perfectly connected if we want the Internet connection to be maintained.

internet cable router does not work

The first cable is precisely the one that provides the Internet to the router: the fiber optic cable , with a greenish color and a smaller connector than the rest of the cables. The rest of the cables are made up of telephony and Ethernet cables in case of having a computer connected through this connection.

Both are usually represented by the colors gray and yellow, and identifying the root of the problem is as simple as taking a look at the LEDs on the front of the router . If any of these lights are off or are red or orange, the problem is most likely with the phone or fiber cable.

Reinstall the drivers for your computer's network card

Have you recently updated Windows 10? Most likely, the drivers for your computer's network card have been lost along the way.

No Internet connection: 5 things you can do to recover Internet at home 1

To install them again on the system, simply access the website of the computer manufacturer following the following search criteria:

  • drivers * computer model * manufacturer page

In an Acer 5732Z we could apply the following search:

  • drivers Acer 5732Z

Within the website we will only have to download the package corresponding to the network drivers (WLAN, LAN, Ethernet or Internet are some of the most common names) and follow the traditional installation process.

Another method that we can use to update the   network card drivers is based on making use of the Windows Device Manager by typing the same name in the Start menu.

No Internet connection: 5 things you can do to recover Internet at home 2

Within this we will have to look for the component that corresponds to the name of Network adapters and update it by right-clicking on it and clicking Update driver.

I have updated the drivers and the Internet is still not working

It is the turn of the Windows CMD, a powerful tool with which we can perform a multitude of tasks, including cleaning the computer's network configuration.

Accessing this is as simple as typing in the Start menu Command Prompt . Before opening it, we will right click on the program and open it with administration privileges.

No Internet connection: 5 things you can do to recover Internet at home 3

Then we will introduce the following commands:

  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / flushdns
  • ipconfig / renew

Finally we will write exit to exit the program. It is recommended to restart Windows so that the changes are applied correctly.

Use a static IP

With each Internet connection through our home router, the device generates a dynamic IP address that varies depending on the type of device. Sometimes this address can conflict with other devices in the home , which is why we will be forced to resort to a fixed IP.

On Windows computers

Setting a fixed IP in Windows is very simple. First of all, we will have to  access the Network and Sharing Center in the Windows Control Panel in the Network and Internet section.

Windows 10 no internet after updating: 7 solutions to fix connection 1

Then we will click on our network (WLAN, Ethernet ...) and we will right click on the network in question to select the Properties option once the window of available networks appears in Windows. Once inside we will go to  Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) in the pop-up window that appears below.

change ip in windows 10 2

Finally, we will right click on the mentioned option and select the Properties option again. Now we just have to  check the Use the following IP address box and the Use the following DNS server addresses box and indicate the following addresses in the corresponding boxes:

  • IP address :
  • Subnet mask:
  • Gateway : (may change depending on the router's IP address)
  • Preferred DNS server :
  • Alternate DNS server :

On Android phones

If we have an Android device, the process is even simpler than in Windows. Just access the WiFi and Internet section within the Android Settings application and click on the WiFi network to which we are connected .

No Internet connection: 5 things you can do to recover Internet at home 4

Within the WiFi network we will be shown a cogwheel icon (it can be a pencil or a wrench) that we will have to press to change the IP to a fixed one. In IP Settings we will select the static IP option and enter the following data in the corresponding fields:

  • IP address :
  • Gateway : (may vary depending on the router's IP address)
  • Network prefix length : 24
  • DNS 1 :
  • DNS 2 :