Sony also shows its own 8K TV up to 98 inches

Sony also shows its own 8K TV up to 98 inches

The Sony brand has also launched its own 8K TV up to 98 inches . Specifically, the manufacturer has shown two different models at the CES 2019 technology fair: one of 85 inches and another of 98 inches.

So are Sony's giant 8K televisions

During the CES 2019 technology fair, one of the most important events of the year in the sector, the Japanese brand Sony has shown its new television models. Among its new products, the Z9G Master Series LCD range stands out without any doubt .

It is a series of televisions with 8K resolution and large size : an 85-inch model and a 98-inch model. Therefore, they are impressive panels that aim to turn the living room into a miniature cinema.

Of course: at the moment, luxury is not available to everyone: Sony's new 85-inch 8K TV could be around $ 15,000 (in exchange, about 13,000 euros) .

8K TVs vs. 4K: what does the new resolution offer?

Although 4K technology has not yet become a widespread standard, more and more households are opting for televisions with that resolution to enjoy television and movies at home.

The 8K standard, of course, promises spectacular improvements over 4K: higher level of detail for the higher number of pixels, which will surely also translate into improvements in the sharpness of the colors.

However, buying an 8K TV today is, in part, getting ahead of the market , since at the moment there are no TV shows, video games or movies with such high resolution to enjoy this level of detail.

sony Z9G Master Series LCD 8k

For its part, Sony has developed a video processing system for its televisions , which is responsible for converting 4K videos to 8K format to enjoy higher quality equipment.

Key Features of Sony's New 8K TVs

The 8K televisions in the Sony Z9G Master Series LCD range feature Picture Processor X1 Ultimate video processing software . It is a system based on an algorithm developed for 8K.

Sony Picture Processor X1 Ultimate analyzes the different elements of each shot to offer greater contrast and level of detail in the final image we see on the television. In short: we could understand it as artificial intelligence to get the most out of the 8K resolution.

As for the panel itself, the televisions in the Z9G Master Series use LCD technology but also have LED modules to enhance the brightness of the screen when necessary .

Z9G Master Series LCD 8k TV

We can also enjoy HDMI 2.1 connections with 48Gbps capacity , which allows us to enjoy 8K content up to 60fps and 4K up to 120fps without problems.

Finally, the new 8K TVs from Sony, 85 or 98 inches, offer a significant improvement in sound quality. The speaker is not integrated into the screen itself, but there are 4 front-facing speakers to enhance the perception of audio effects.

The speakers are also complemented by an integrated microphone that allows you to control the equipment using the Google Assistant , without the need to resort to a remote control or other remote control.