Top 10 Free and Public DNS Servers of 2019

Top 10 Free and Public DNS Servers of 2019

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name Server, better known as the Domain Name System in the language of Cervantes. We explain what DNS is for and what are the 10 best servers you can use this year 2019.

What are DNS for?

DNS is a protocol that has the purpose of associating each domain name with an IP address . IP addresses are very difficult to remember, imagine having to memorize this sequence of numbers for each of the websites you visit each day. This is one of the reasons domains came about.

DNS servers work with a decentralized and hierarchical database that stores all the information about the domain names that exist on the Internet. Each of these domains is assigned the IP address of the server where the domain content is hosted.

What are DNS for?

Users' computers do not connect to the DNS server directly, but instead store the data of the domains and the IP associated with them in a cache . When entering a domain in the browser, it is checked if the IP address is stored in the cache, otherwise the computer will connect to the DNS server to obtain the necessary information. After that, this new information will be added to the cache to be able to obtain it more quickly the next time.

How to change DNS server

Typically, each user is using the DNS server provided by their Internet service provider. However, you can change the DNS server you are using at any time . This can be very useful if you find that your Internet connection is slow or takes a long time to respond.

To change the DNS server you just have to follow a series of very simple steps.

Use the search engine in the Start menu to access the " View network connections " tool .

how to change the dns 4

Locate your network adapter and click the right mouse button. Then go to " Properties ".

how to change the dns

Double click on " Internet Protocol version 4 "

how to change the dns 2

Check the option to enter DNS addresses manually . This way you can put the address of the DNS server you want to use.

how to change the dns 3

Here is a list of the best free DNS servers . You can use them if you see that the speed of your Internet connection is not what it should be.


dns cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the best DNS servers we can find, and it is also free. Its premises are to offer the maximum speed and the best security , something that for now seems to be fulfilling perfectly thanks to the fact that it has a global VPN network

The Cloudflare DNS server addresses are as follows:



OpenDNS is a DNS server that has been offering its service to all users who want to use it for many years. A differentiating feature is that it includes a Parental Control so that you can limit and control the activity of your children on the network.

It also has a paid version with a price of 20 euros that offers usage statistics.

The OpenDNS addresses are:

DNS Google

Google also has its own DNS server , which is not surprising since this giant has almost a monopoly on the Internet. Its use is completely free, although you have to wonder if you should continue giving Google even more information.

We leave you with the address of Google's DNS server:


ibm dns

IBM is a heavyweight in business computing and couldn't be without its own DNS servers. It has 20 databases with the best protection thanks to its highly advanced IBM X-Force artificial intelligence technologies. Its objective is to provide users with the best speed and security, without neglecting speed of course.

To use the IBM DNS server you must use the following addresses:


Level 3 DNS

This DNS server is not the one that offers the highest speed, but it is widely used in Europe and Latin America, so we have not omitted it.

Their addresses are:


Verisign is a company dedicated to network infrastructures , and it is also one of the largest and most important today. It offers users the possibility of using a free DNS server with the best speed and security features.

You will find their addresses below:

Norton ConnectSafe DNS

norton dns

Norton is a company focused on computer security solutions, and its DNS server is not far behind. Provides the ability to use a database to automatically filter and block unwanted content. This filter offers three levels of security:

  • Level 1: Protection against malware and fraudulent sites.
  • Level 2: Blocking pornography.
  • Level 3: Blocking pornography + other unwanted activities (gambling, suicides, drugs…).

The DNS addresses of the three protection levels are as follows:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:


DNS.Watch is a DNS server based in the United Kingdom. This company puts its best efforts in offering users the highest levels of security and benefits .

Enter the following addresses to start using it:


Comodo is one of the largest SSL certificate vendors in the world , making it a company that is dedicated to network security. It makes a free DNS server available to users to provide the best security.

To use it you must enter the following addresses:

These are the 10 best free DNS servers you can use this year 2019. Remember that the changes may take a few minutes to apply from the moment you enter the server address.

Have you tried any of them? Tell us about your usage experience.