We visit the first Lego store in Spain

We visit the first Lego store in Spain

We have visited the first Lego store opened in Spain , in the La Vaguada Shopping Center in Madrid. Through an agreement with the Percassi Group, the famous toy brand will have a total of 10 stores in the national territory.

Before Christmas, the brand will open its second store in our country, in the Parquesur Shopping Center (Leganés).

The first Lego store in Spain is installed in Madrid

lego store madrid poster

The first thing that strikes you when approaching the Lego store in La Vaguada is the exterior decoration. Already from afar we can see the famous silhouettes of the Lego figures on the wall, but the most striking thing is in the shop windows .

The cultural association ALEBricks has created an impressive model of some of the most famous monuments in Madrid, with all the details in Lego . We can appreciate the Puerta del Sol clock building, the Puerta de Alcalá or the famous Callao Cinema, among others.

Although, of course, what Lego addicts are looking for is on the inside .

What can you find in the first Lego store in Madrid?

lego store madrid sets

The place where Lego has been installed is not particularly large, but the brand has put on sale a selection of products from all its series. We can find boxes of Lego Architecture, Star Wars, Ninjago, Marvel ...

There is also a corner dedicated exclusively to Lego Duplo , the brand's series dedicated to the little ones and characterized by having larger pieces for easier assemblies.

lego store madrid lego duplo

There is no shortage of other Lego merchandising products, such as key chains, table alarm clocks or wrist watches. And there are several shelves dedicated to the Brick Headz, the boxes with small pieces that allow to form the faces of various characters.

Within the Brick Headz collection we have, for example, Jack Sparrow, Batman, Robin and Beauty and the Beast.

Create your own minifigures for 9 euros

lego store madrid create your minifigures

For children (and not so young), the main attraction of the store is the section where we can build three Lego minifigures to our liking and keep them in a transparent plastic box with the Lego logo.

This possibility, already available in other Lego stores around the world, costs 9 euros and allows you to take home a fun gift . To assemble the three minifigures, we can choose between different types of heads, torsos, legs and accessories.

lego store madrid parts in bulk

Nor does the wall of loose pieces go unnoticed , in which they can be bought in bulk. You pay a standard price for a plastic cup (the price varies by size), and this can be filled to the top with any loose pieces you want.