Samsung SUHD KS7500 series with Smart TV from 2016

Samsung SUHD KS7500

your expert recommendsMid-range with premium features. This is how the new Samsung KS7500 could be summed  up . A television that does not renounce the curved format that is achieving so much weight in the market, together with a 10-bit panel and SUHD resolution , Quantum Dot Color technology and HDR1000 . To equal the highest range, the Samsung KS7500 incorporates Auto Depth Enhancer for greater sense of depth, technology  Ultra Black to reduce glare,  Precision Black for purer blacks and the new Smart Hub of Tizen OS . All the technology ofSamsung with a somewhat more content price. What more could you want? We go over all the features of the Samsung KS7500 in depth.


The Samsung KS7500 offers a different design than the top of the range that we have been seeing these days. However, the company has continued to apply what they call 360 Design and Ultra Slim Design . That is, we find a TV that practically lacks frames around the entire panel. You can only see a slightly thicker frame at the bottom of the panel, where the legs rest. And speaking of the legs, the Samsung KS7500 does not incorporate the typical stand, but opts for two silver-colored metal legs placed at both ends of the TV. The rear is completely unobstructed to view, thanks to the external connection box that Samsung incorporates on their more advanced televisions.

Samsung SUHD KS7500Samsung SUHD KS7500

The Samsung KS7500 fits into any living room, offering up to four different screen sizes: 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches . We will have no problem connecting all our devices to the TV as it incorporates 4 HDMI inputs , 3 USB ports , Ethernet and integrated WiFi .


Last year Samsung's 7 series was not included in the SUHD TV range . The latest technology from the Koreans was reserved exclusively for the highest ranges. However, this year this has changed. Samsung has decided to bet everything on its SUHD technology with Quantum Dot Color and has not only included it in its high-end televisions. Thus, the Samsung KS7500 features an impressive  10 - bit panel with resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 SUHD pixels and technology Quantum Dot Color. This type of panel achieves up to 64 times more color than other LED panels, thus displaying more realistic images.

Samsung has deployed all its technology in the KS7500 to get the best image. Ultra Black technology reduces annoying screen reflections that virtually all LED panels suffer from. With Precision Black it is possible to improve the contrast by optimizing the light emission, thus obtaining more vivid and realistic images. Auto Depth Enhancer takes care of analyzing the image and modulating the contrast to optimize the sensation of depth. We also have Peak Illuminator Pro to help you achieve the best colors. And if all this were not enough, Samsung uses its technology in the KS7500 seriesHDR1000 , which more accurately displays the wide range of light and dark levels in an image, to make it as close to reality as possible.

 Samsung SUHD KS7500

Like most manufacturers, Samsung continues to bet on 4K resolution , which seems to be establishing itself as the basis for the future of televisions. The Samsung KS7500 offers a resolution of 3,840 x 4K UHD 2,160 pixels . This is four times the Full HD resolution. And so that we can see relatively well the emissions with lower quality, such as DTT or DVD , the Samsung KS7500 incorporates the SUHD Remastering Engine scaling  engine .


Manufacturers of flat-screen TVs continue to try to minimize the negative impact that increasingly thin panels have on sound. The Samsung KS7500 saves this ballot by incorporating a 2.1 sound system that offers a total power of 40W . The TV supports Dolby Digital Plus and DTS sound . We can even directly connect a Bluetooth headset so as not to disturb our night sessions.

Smart tv

Samsung SUHD KS7500

Samsung has renewed this year the startup screen of your OS Tizen OS to try to compete with webOS from LG and Android . The new Smart Hub offers the clearest information and with faster access to the most used content, being visually more attractive. In addition to the usual applications, such as YouTube or Netflix , the Korean company has agreements with a multitude of companies to offer their services through their televisions. One of the most striking agreements is the one that the Korean company reached with PlayStation , which has allowed to launch a service ofStreaming PS3 video games directly to your TV, no external devices required.

Samsung SUHD KS7500

The new Samsung KS7500 also incorporates a premium remote control with which we can control the Smart TV system pointing at the television, in the purest style of the Wii controls . This command also includes the voice control system.


Samsung SUHD KS7500

Until now, the latest technology in LED panels was reserved for the highest-end televisions, with the financial outlay that this entails. This year we will be able to enjoy the latest technology at a price somewhat more contained than that of the KS8000 , KS9000 and  KS9500 models . The Samsung KS7500 offers a 10-bit panel with SUHD resolution and Quantum Dot Color technology . It does not lack the latest technologies of the company, such as  Auto Depth Enhancer , Ultra Black , Precision Black or HDR1000 .

In addition to the highest performance in terms of image, the Samsung KS7500 offers the new version of Tizen OS , one of the most important Smart TV systems on the market. All this at a price, presumably, lower than that of the highest ranges.

Samsung KS7500



Size43, 49, 55 and 65 inches
Resolution4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Frequency2200Hz PQI (2000Hz PQI 43 ″)
TechnologiesQuad Core Processor

Flat SUHD (10bit Panel)


Peak Illuminator Pro

Precision Black

UHD Dimming

Quantum Dot Display



Dimensions (with base)65 inches: 144.17 x 83.02 x 105 centimeters

55 inches: 122.49 x 70.56 x 8.84 centimeters

49 inches: 108.76 x 62.92 x 9.45 centimeters

43 inches: 95.65 x 55.45 x 8.31 centimeters

Weight (with stand)65 inch: 23.7 kg

55 inch: 17.6 kg

49 inch: 14.5 kg

43 inch: 10.6 kg

ColorsSlim design in silver
Format4,200R Curved (3,000R in 43-inch and 49-inch)

Smart tv

AppsGames, Skype, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Yomvi, Wuaki
FeaturesMulti-screen, Samsung Smart View, PiP
ControlsPremium Remote TM1680A
Mobile connectionYes, control through mobile phones and tablets with Samsung Smart View, Screen Mirroring


Power40W (10W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2)

TV SoundConnect

Dolby Digital Plus

Supports Bluetooth headphones

Multiroom Link



TunerDVB-TCS2 (TDT2)

Double tuner

MHLYes (1.3)
Connectors ""
Wi-Fi DirectYes
OthersAnynet + (HDMI-CEC)

+ info

Release dateComing soon
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung