7 things you should know about Mitele to watch series and movies online

7 things you should know about Mitele to watch series and movies online

The main content streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO or Netflix, offer us a huge variety of content, although all these platforms have the disadvantage that they do not offer a free plan. Fortunately, there are many other alternatives for users with few financial resources. In this case we are talking about Mitele.es, a Mediaset online platform that allows us to enjoy a large amount of content where and when we meet.

You can use Mitele without paying

You can use Mitele without paying

Mitele is a Mediaset platform that does not offer a large amount of content for free . This is the main advantage of this platform compared to other alternatives such as Netflix or HBO. You can consult our guide to the best tricks for Mitele.

Of course, this also has its drawbacks, and that is that many advertisements will be displayed that can sometimes be annoying. Unfortunately, we cannot solve this in a very simple way, since the platform will not let us see the content if we install an ad blocker in our web browser.

Mitele offers us the possibility of registering for free to obtain some advantages

  • You'll see ads less often
  • Pause and resume playback on another device.
  • Create lists of your favorite shows.
  • Perform parental control with a PIN in adult programming.

Movies are not free, although they are very affordable

Movies are not free

Movies represent the only type of content that we will not be able to enjoy for free in any case, since we will have to pay a small rental price of € 1.45 for each one we want to see.

Mitele also has payment plans focused on football

Mitele has payment plans focused on soccer

In the previous point we have said that my TV is a free platform to use, but this does not mean that there is no content restricted to paid plans.

The Mediaset online platform offers us the following payment methods, which provide us with a series of exclusive advantages:

  • MiTele Plus Basic : € 3 Monthly € 25 annually. All content on demand without advertising and access to the Canal Gran Hermano 24 Horas.
  • MiTele Plus Champions League : € 16.99 Monthly. Contents of the basic plan without advertising and access to the Champions League, the Europa League and the European Super Cup.
  • MiTele Plus La Liga : € 19.99 Monthly. Contents of the basic plan without advertising and access to the Santander League and the Smartbank League.
  • MiTele Plus Soccer Total : € 35 Monthly. Contents of the basic plan without advertising and access to the Santander League, the Smartbank League, the Champions League, the Europa League, and the European Super Cup

We can easily verify that these Mitele payment plans are focused on all football fans. This means that, if you are not a lover of the beautiful game, surely you do not have much for you to pay to use this platform beyond the Basic Plus Plan.

What can I see in Mitele?

Mitele offers us a great variety of alternatives for the entertainment of the whole family. Within this great platform you will find online series, television shows, miniseries, documentaries and movies.

Mediaset is the owner of some of the most popular channels such as Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity, Be Mad, Boing, Energy and FDF , which means that Mitele collects a large part of the most popular television programs.

Some of the most popular content that you can enjoy for free thanks to Mitele are the following:

  • Afterclass
  • State secrets
  • Seven lifes
  • The Serrano
  • Flying I go
  • Beyond life
  • Farmer looking for a wife

Mitele ON allows you to interact with your own content to increase fun

A very interesting feature that we find within the Mitele platform is the new ON Button , which you can use with the platform's own content, and which allows users to vote and interact in different ways with the programming.

Survivors is a content where this button took a leading role in the 2019 edition. Thanks to this technology, users were able to enjoy exclusive 360 ​​° videos of the island where the program is held. They were also able to comment and vote for their favorite participants.

Mitele Unplugged, Mitele Fun and Mitele Wala offer you much more

One of the objectives of Mediaset with Mitele is to provide users with an application and an interface that is as easy to use as possible. This is very important so that everyone can easily find the content that interests them.

Mitele Unplugged, Mitele Fun and Mitele Wala are three sections that we find within the mitele platform, and that serve to organize the content in a much more practical way.

  • Mitele Unplugged is the section specialized in series of the time. Inside here you will find some content as popular as Hospital Central, the famous series of doctors that starred on the screen for a long time.
  • We continue with Mitele Fun , a section focused on those users with a great sense of humor . This means that inside here you will find content loaded with humor, and all kinds of comedies to laugh with your friends and family.
  • Finally, Mitele Wala is a section focused on the little ones with tons of children's content.

The applications allow you to use Mitele in a much more comfortable way

Mitele has apps

Mitele is fully usable through the web browser on all types of devices, although the Mediaset team has designed applications for Windows, Android, and iOS , which allow using this service in a more comfortable way.

The main advantage of using these applications is that their interface has been specifically designed to be more comfortable to use on devices with small screens such as tablets and mobile phones.

This is our article on the most important features of Mitele that you should know.