5 alternatives to the new conditions of the Spotify Family Plan

Spotify is back for 3 months at 1 euro: so you can hire the Premium

Spotify has changed the conditions of the Family Plan currently offered by the streaming music service. Now the application will check the location of our mobile phone, tablet or personal computer with each access to the service in order to detect false family plans, often contracted with friends, acquaintances or distant relatives. Deactivating the location is not a viable solution , since as detailed by the company itself, Spotify could reserve the right to terminate the contract between the two parties. How can we keep the Spotify Family Plan among friends? Is there an alternative? We see it below.

Fake location with Fake GPS location

One of the best-known location-faking apps is Fake GPS location, especially popular with Pokémon Go users. To make the application work correctly, we will have to activate the development settings in the Android Settings application by pressing several times on Build number in System information.

fake gps location spotify

Then, we will select the option of Choose application to simulate location and we will choose Fake GPS location. Finally we will start the application in question and choose the original address indicated in the Spotify Family Plan. The rest of the components of the plan must follow the same process for it to be valid.

Indicate the same address as the rest of the members of the Family Plan

After the announcement of the update of the terms and conditions of use of the application, there have been few users who have reported receiving an email from Spotify indicating that the postal address be verified again .

5 alternatives to the new conditions of the Spotify Family Plan 1

In this case, all the members of the Spotify Plan have to write exactly the same postal address: same city, same street and same number . If not, the service will automatically deny access to all users.

Use the Students Plan

If we choose to unsubscribe from the Spotify Family Plan due to the new conditions, we can always opt for the Students Plan in case we are university students and we provide the pertinent supporting document (registration, student card, etc.).

The price of the subscription, of course, is now 4.99 euros per month , practically double what a Family Plan divided between six people supposes.

Or three months of Spotify free

With the update of the conditions of use, the company has relaunched its traditional subscription promotion where it offers up to three months free for 0 euros . Subsequently, the price becomes 9.99 euros without any type of permanence or obligation.

Unfortunately, this promotion is only compatible with new registrations , so we will have to create a new user account if we want to contract the three months for free. The good news is that we can transfer our custom playlists from one user to another.

More free months on Apple Music, YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime Music and Tidal

Spotify is the best music service today. This is not to say that there are no alternatives to this service.

Taking advantage of Apple Music, YouTube Premium, Tidal and Amazon Prime Music we can obtain several months of free subscription . In the case of Amazon, the subscription is included with the Amazon Prime payment. If we choose Apple or YouTube, the free period goes from one month to three months.

Once the subscription of each service is finished, we can freely jump between alternatives to Spotify and export our playlists with third-party services.

Alternatives to Spotify for free

There are many alternatives to Spotify for free. Beyond the free months that each company can provide, there are several alternatives that come without a subscription period.


5 alternatives to the new conditions of the Spotify 2 Family Plan

One of the best alternatives not only to Spotify, but to other streaming music sites. In addition to having a pretty colorful interface, it has an Android application with which we can listen to music offline .

As far as catalog is concerned, the web drinks from the songs that we can find on YouTube . We can even download them in MP3 format for later playback.


Streaming service that, like Setbeat, bases its catalog on songs that we can find on YouTube. The difference with respect to the latter is that it is only available as an Android application.

The good thing is that it has such interesting options as the possibility of creating playlists or downloading the content to play it without an Internet connection.


5 alternatives to the new conditions of the Spotify 3 Family Plan

Alternative to Spotify that until recently could be found on the web and in the form of an application. Today there is no longer any trace of the web, and its access is only possible through an Android application after paying 1.5 euros .

As for its operation, few are the differences that it keeps with the rest of the options. The strong point of Datmusic is that it allows you to configure the download quality of the songs: format, bitrate, etc.


Popular with independent artists, Soundcloud boasts a countless catalog of songs and independent music podcasts. It is also possible to find remixes of original songs and well-known artists . We can even upload our own creations to the private library that Soundcloud offers completely free of charge.


Chinese origin application known for being the Asian alternative to Spotify. Currently its use is blocked in countries other than China . The good news is that the people of HTCMania have prepared a port that makes it possible to use it in any country.

Despite its Chinese origin, we can find artists known worldwide and even from Spain. All for free and without a subscription in between . It also offers the possibility of downloading the songs in MP3, like the rest of the alternatives.