My experience with the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner after a week of use

Dyson V11 Absolute

your expert RECOMMENDEDThe expectations were high, and the fact is that the Dyson teams that have passed through my hands over the last few years have their own quality sensations. From the packaging in which they arrive protected, to the power and design that mark the line of thought of this company. And this vacuum cleaner has not disappointed. Of course, there are some points to clarify in this Dyson V11 Absolute after a week of use in my own home . And yes, I have vacuumed several times in the same week in order to bring you this review. My floor has never been so clean.

Dyson V11 Absolute

Type of vacuum cleanerCordless, with rechargeable battery
AccessoriesSoft head

High Torque Brush

Stubborn dirt brush

Mini soft brush

Mini motorized brush


Multifunction accessory

loading port

Extender tube

Bucket capacity0.67 liters
Weight3.05 kg
Dimensions25 x 128 x 26 cm
Maximum autonomy60 minutes (eco mode)
FilterCaptures up to 99.97%, particles down to 0.3 microns in size
Filter cleaningWith water, under the tap
Technology and suction powerDyson Cyclonic Technology (14 cyclones)

125,000 rpm V11 engine

79,000 G suction

ModesEco, auto and boost
DesignInterchangeable parts. Can be used with or without extension tube
screenYes, with available autonomy time information
Featured FeaturesIn Auto mode, the suction power adapts to the surface to achieve the best pressure
Release dateNow available
Price575 euros Dyson V11 Absolute

680 euros Dyson V11 AbsolutePro

Futuristic design, but forget about putting it back

Server, who already has a few years of experience testing all kinds of products, enjoys both the product and the unpacking and packaging process (don't criticize my TOC). At the end of the day I return the vast majority of these products to the brand. But this time I have not enjoyed this initial process. From this paused and memorized unwrapping to return everything to its original place. With this Dyson vacuum cleaner it is practically impossible .


The engineering work of this vacuum cleaner is both in the product and in the box. Everything comes wrapped with its corresponding piece of cardboard, embedded in a certain place. Well, forget about putting everything back in the same box. Space is rushed and measured, and there are so many accessories that putting everything back in its place is mission impossible. Something that makes me think that accompanying this vacuum cleaner with a simple travel bag to store it or take it to another place would have been ideal. Once the anecdotal point has been passed, I will comment on the design.

So much assembly and disassembly can be overwhelming. Even with the instructions in hand. But the truth is that after five minutes of study and practice, everything makes sense . Like a simple and logical puzzle. The tube that lengthens this vacuum cleaner has the same connection as the nozzles. So we can place it to get to more distant places, but also connect any of the nozzles directly to the handle with the motor. Once you know how a piece goes, everything else fits logically.

cordless vacuum cleaner

Something more complex and futuristic can be the motor with its grip, its trigger, its screen and its filter. It seems complex. It actually looks like a gun out of a science fiction movie.. But the reality is that everything is very simple. A lever helps to open the tank without a bag just by intuitively pulling it. The filter is conveniently unscrewed and can be passed under the tap. And the screen only has one button. It can't be more basic, but with Dyson's signature futuristic design. And with its light but resistant plastic finishes. Of course, I was surprised to see a less worked or polished finish on joints or very specific parts of the device. Considering its price and all the engineering work that goes into it, a little more tact is needed here. But the truth is that I have no doubt that I am looking at a Dyson device. Whether you open the box, touch the parts or see the final design of this cordless vacuum cleaner. It is like being before technology of the future.

Forget corded vacuum cleaners

This is my first experience with a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. With a battery that must be recharged and that allows you to move around the house without pulling a body that rolls. Or without changing the plug. And look, yes. It's a delight. But it is that the engine of this Dyson V11 Absolute has made me forget about my old vacuum cleaner . The vacuuming power that is achieved is noticeable in the hand, but especially in carpets and corners. One clean pass whatever there is. Two passes leaves it pristine. Not that the house was too dirty, but when you think that you only have a few crumbs on the carpet and, after one pass, you collect lint, hair, crumbs and all kinds of dirt in the container, you realize what the V11 engine.


Forget about dancing with the vacuum cleaner like you were Freddy Mercury. You can take a simple pass wherever you want to collect fluff and all kinds of particles. My house is small, about 50 square meters, and vacuuming it with Dyson took only a few minutes. The first few times of use it has been slower, surprised to see that with a couple of passes it had collected everything. A few days later, already aware of the power of its engine, not only have I taken less time, but I have also ended up taking advantage of its portability to pass accumulator grids, lower shelves, door frames and everything that occurred to me . I had plenty of time thanks to its power. And this is something that I value very well.

And watch out, it's a smart powerhouse. I have had to verify with the website that this Dyson V11 Absolute has a brain of its own to understand what type of soil it is vacuuming. Something that made me uneasy when I noticed how the noises from the brush and motor changed randomly. Well, not randomly. According to the resistance offered by the ground through which it was passing. Or the force exerted against him. Thus, it has an automatic mode that recognizes the resistance of a floor and adjusts the suction powerto get the best result. That is to say, it knows if it is on hard ground or carpet, and without changing the position of the trigger it improves the aspiration to take everything to the tank. Of course, this technology is found in the brush, analyzing 360 times per second the resistance of the ground. It's what Dyson calls the Dynamic Load Sensor.


The power of the Dyson V11 engine is given by its 125,000 revolutions per minute. Well, because of that and because of the cyclonic technology that Dyson always boasts about. Qualities that help generate a suction power not seen in other cordless vacuum cleaners. The interesting thing is that all this power has control. But not through a roulette wheel that helps you regulate the revolutions or suction to the millimeter. Dyson has simplified it in three unique ways. You switch from one to the other quickly just by pressing the button next to the screen. Eco mode has an autonomy of 60 minutes for large houses or for efficient cleaning. Then there is the automatic mode, let's not forget that it adjusts the capacity to the ground we are on. And finally, the Boost mode, which gives that extra push to improve spot cleaning. More than enough for what I have been able to test these days.

Short, long and with a quick twist

As I said above, the Dyson V11 Absolute comes complete to clean on any surface, and almost any distance. Its tube is not telescopic, but it is more than enough to clean the curtain rod or any high, remote or inaccessible place (the part behind my toilet) that you might have in an average house. All this with a system that keeps everything together and firm, but with the possibility of releasing it by simply pressing a button. In addition, both the handle with the motor and the rest of the parts have the same type of connection. So the combinations are adapted to what you need at all times.


For example, I have used the tube to reach the corner of the wall that is hidden in one of the sides of my bed. Without having to move this, as I did to pass my old vacuum cleaner. Or to reach the hairs and dust behind my relatively embedded toilet in the bathroom. Even to dust over cabinets and curtain rods. But when I have needed it I have uncoupled this tube and directly connected the finer nozzle with bristles to get past a tricky corner of my skirting board. Or to make sure I suck up the dust on the battery grid. This Dyson V11 Absolute is that manageable and adaptable. Its weight has allowed me to hold it almost always with one hand. And having the heaviest weight of your body right on my hand makes it easier to pivot and lift.

But if something has surprised me during use, it has been the turning capacity of its larger brushes. They have been really comfortable for me to navigate anywhere in my house with them. It does not matter which one is bulkier. A subtle twist of the wrist causes the traction on the end of the vacuum cleaner tube to make a marked jog and all movement is accompanied in that direction .


Movement with the larger and heavier parts of this Dyson V11 Absolute is unhindered. It feels more resistant, yes, as it costs a bit more to advance in the case of rugs, in my experience. But again, I have controlled the movement with one hand . It's not heavy, and with some force you can make the couple of passes you need to get everything clean. But it is when I have removed the tube and used it as a short hand vacuum that I have best moved it anywhere. Of course I am “lucky” to be tall and have low ceilings. So I can take advantage of the most comfortable form of this vacuum cleaner.

Loading and add-ons

I can only comment that, during this week of use, I have only required two charges. Nor have I wanted to vacuum the house every day, it was not necessary as it was clean. The best thing is that you do not have to calculate or get used to the use of this vacuum cleaner to know when you will run out of battery since you see the low charge warning on the screen. A timer is updated in real time to know, in a very approximate way, the suction time that you have left in your battery.


Charging is carried out using a fairly small charger. Connects to gun base and plug. And ready. The first time I charged it, it gave me the feeling that it had some fast-charging technology. Or at least it has been able to reach 10% charge in just 5 or 10 minutes. Enough to finish a room if autonomy has left us halfway. If not, you have to wait less than 2 hours to complete 100% of the charge . With this we can vacuum for about 40 minutes.

Although I have not tested it, since I have to return the product, this Dyson V11 Absolute has a support to hang everything on the wall . It is the way to make this device take up less space. And, in addition, connect it to charge it while it is collected to have it always available. Like I say, everything comes in the box. Available from the moment you open it.


Conclusions after a week of use

I'm not going to lie, this is my first time trying a handheld vacuum cleaner. And now I don't want to settle for less. Although current cordless vacuum cleaners no longer use bags and have some power, I have no doubt that this Dyson V11 Absolute passes them on the right. Not only is it more powerful than my old corded vacuum or robot vacuum, but a single pass does it all .


Another interesting point is that it comes with all kinds of accessories . Large and small brushes, with all kinds of bristles. All floors and surfaces are covered. And it also has brackets to hang on the wall.

It is therefore the best cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson. With more power and more autonomy than its previous version . And also with more capacity for dirt.


Of course, all this has a price. The Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner can be purchased for 575 euros. And it has a Pro version, with a more exclusive color for 680 euros .