The ZTE Blade V8 already has a release date and price

The ZTE Blade V8 already has a release date and price

Although it has been around the media for several months, it was not until the MWC 2017 celebration that it was possible to see and touch this new ZTE terminal belonging to the mid-range of its catalog. This terminal has caught the attention of the public as it is one of the few terminals with an affordable price to incorporate a double main camera for blur effects and almost professional results.

Dual main camera for blur effects

The ZTE Blade V8 incorporates a front and main camera, this being the true protagonist of a movie that looks like a winner. Double 13 and 2 megapixel camera with which to perform bokeh effect (that is, the main subject in the foreground or middle in focus and the background out of focus, which is known as shallow depth of field) and 3D effects, being able to capture shots different angles to combine them and cause a depth effect.

main double camera

Another of the great novelties of this double front camera is that of refocusing: even after having shot the photo, we can choose another focus point , touching on the screen, to see the different results as we choose. In addition, we have multi-camera mode and manual mode, with which we can choose elements of the image ourselves such as the aperture, ISO, shutter speed, white balance ...

As for the front camera, we have 13 megapixels and some pros and cons. We have a 3D effect, as we mentioned before, this translates into capturing several shots of an image and merging them to create this effect, and flash on the screen, so the selfies will come out with enough light even at night . By cons, we have a fixed focus, so we will have to deal with so that the selfies come out well focused

Slim, elegant and stylish design

ZTE's new mid-range terminal surprises with its thinness: we have a unibody body made of aluminum that is only 7.7 millimeters thick . This, together with a 5.2-inch IPS screen and fullHD resolution (424ppp), make the ZTE Blade V8 the preferred terminal for those who want to use the terminal with one hand and the 5.5-inch, current standard, is out of size .

Do you want a premium design and characteristics of more expensive terminals? You got it. The ZTE Blade V8 incorporates a 2.5D design with rounded edges on its glass screen and fingerprint sensor on the front, which makes it easy to unlock even if the terminal is placed on a flat surface.

Processor contained for medium use

Taking into account the price at which this ZTE Blade V8 will come out, we can count on a processor that will stand up for us in situations that do not demand too much performance: check emails, send messages, check social networks and play light games. In this case, it has been chosen to mount an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 , four of them running at a clock speed of 1.1 GHz and the rest at 1.4GHz.

snapdragon 435 processor

This processor would be short on if we did not have, fortunately, a solvent RAM of 3 GB . Data, we repeat, that will know little for demanding users, but for the vast majority of people they will feel satisfied if they make normal use of the terminal. In addition, we will have 32GB of internal storage, expandable to 256GB per microSD card and the latest version of Android: Nougat 7.0.

Connectivity and autonomy without major surprises

It is evident that ZTE has thrown the rest in the photographic section because we do not have too many surprises in terms of connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS and compatibility with 4G networks, we have FM radio and, As we anticipated before, unlocking by fingerprint , which will provide this terminal with an added security.

We have a 2,730 mAh battery , a figure far from the most powerful batteries but, with normal use of social networks and messaging, we should not have problems reaching the end of the day. Remember that this terminal is unibody, so we cannot extract the battery ourselves.

battery capacity

Price and availability

If you are interested in the ZTE Blade V8 we will tell you that you can buy it in the middle of next March and at a final price of 270 euros , totally free. It will be available in rose gold, silver, dark gray, and champagne gold.