Top 5 tips for detecting viruses in Google Chrome

Top 5 tips for detecting viruses in Google Chrome

The browser we use every day to access the Internet is the perfect drain for hackers to introduce their tools to steal each and every one of our data. That is why we must make smart use of these browsers. Whether you have ever had doubts about the subject, or if you think you know it perfectly, it will not hurt to take a look at our special. How to detect viruses in Google Chrome so that your PC always works perfectly.

The 5 best tips to avoid viruses in Google Chrome

Pages open automatically

You are one day calmly browsing the net and, suddenly, a web page opens without you having clicked on any link. It ensures you have won a high-end phone. Or even worse: pornographic images assault your screen while you are surrounded by other people. If this happens to you, you definitely have a virus in your browser.

Unexpected changes in your browser settings

A very useful function of web browsers is to customize a home screen. That every time you open it, the first thing you see is a page of your choice. Imagine that whenever you access Chrome, the Google page appears. Well today, no. Today a very strange browser appears, unknown to you. So the next time you open Google Chrome, be careful: any change in its configuration is an indication that third parties have installed a malicious program on your computer.

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Generalized slowness in the computer

You already know that your computer is not exactly a next-generation machine, but it has never behaved in such a way. The transition between tabs is erratic, YouTube videos are choppy, and audio is abrupt. Windows take time to close and it is almost impossible to do anything with your computer. In addition, you open the task manager and programs appear running that you had no idea about. You have definitely been infected by a virus through Google Chrome.

Analyze the browser with a cleaning system

Nothing better to detect a virus in Google Chrome than to consult with the real experts. Google put a Chrome cleaner at the service of all its users, an application that scans your browser for viruses, adawares, spyware, Trojans, etc., and then leaves it clean like a whistle.

To access this cleaner you just have to go to its page, download it and install it. Once the terms of service are accepted, we run the cleaner and it will do all the dirty work. When it has scanned your entire PC, it will give you the results, proceeding to delete any malicious program that you have installed in your browser.

Prevention is the best cure for your browser

Without a doubt, it is the best that anyone can give you in the fight against Google Chrome viruses. To make sure you don't have any intruders on your machine, follow these practical tips.

  • Disable the extensions that you have installed in your browser. We refer to plugins that enhance the functions of certain pages such as YouTube and that are sometimes not legitimate.
  • Check which is the home page of your browser. We go to the Chrome menu, then 'Settings' and 'When I open the browser ..'. Here it will appear which is the home page that we have on our computer. We look for any strange changes.
  • Be careful with the programs you install. Never trust any executable file of dubious origin, or that you have not expressly downloaded. In addition, you must be careful with the installation processes: without realizing it, you may be accepting that your personal territory is invaded.