Top 10 iPad Accessories 2019

Top 10 iPad Accessories 2019

In recent months the iPad has become one of the best tools for work, and this has been thanks to iPad OS. It is the specific operating system for Android tablets. It works under iOS 13, but with different modifications and adapted for larger screens. iPad OS means that we can get a lot out of the iPad, but so do the different accessories. The iPad 2019 is one of the best options, and if you are thinking of buying one (or already have one) take a look at these 10 accessories.

1) Keyboard for iPad


I begin by talking about accessories designed for productivity, although they can also go very well for some users for entertainment. I mean the keyboard. There are many options, as this peripheral can be connected via Bluetooth, and there are many compatible devices. Personally, the one I recommend the most is the official Apple keyboard for the iPad. It's called the Smart Keyboard, and unsurprisingly, it's not cheap at all. It costs 180 euros on the Apple website. In other stores, such as Amazon, it can be obtained for a somewhat lower price.

The keyboard connects to the iPad via magnetic pins located on the bottom. It does not need any type of charging, since it is powered through these pins. In addition, the keyboard itself (beware, not the iPad) is waterproof, so nothing will happen if you spill, for example, coffee. It's the one I use on my iPad, and I personally love it. The key travel is very good and it is quite sturdy. Of course, it only covers the front. The back is uncovered, so you will have to opt for a cover compatible with this Smart Keyboard.

You can buy it here.

2) A cheaper option

IPad 2019 keyboard cover

If you want something cheaper to use occasionally, you can go for this keyboard case with Apple Pencil holder. Allows you to place the iPad in different positions and covers both the back and the front. It can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 230 euros.

3) The Apple Pencil


Another almost essential accessory, especially if you like to draw or are one of those who want to write on the tablet. The Apple Pencil is one of the best options. Yes well, only the first generation is supported, it offers very good results and the synchronization is very fast . Unfortunately charging is somewhat cumbersome as it plugs into the port at the bottom for charging. In addition, it does not fit anywhere, as it happens with the second generation in the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil is priced at 100 euros.

You can buy it here.

4) And its economic version


If the Apple Pencil also seems like an expensive device, you can take a look at this cheaper option that we found on Amazon . We can also use it with the iPad and draw or write. Of course, the loading system and possibly the precision are not the same. You can buy it for 33 euros on Amazon.

5) Book-style case for iPad 7th generation

IPAD cover

On this occasion I am not going to recommend an original one, since, personally, they seem very expensive for what they offer (they only cover the front part). In Amazon we find very interesting options and with a much lower price. This one from Jtech, which has a case for the back and a cover on the front, only costs 10 euros. It allows us to place the iPad in different positions to watch videos or write. In addition, it does not cover the connector or the speakers, so we can charge the tablet with the cover on. It is available in various colors, although black is the cheapest variant.

Buy the iPad book case here.

6) Transparent case for iPad 2019


If you want to protect the back of your iPad, but enjoy its design, it is best to attach a transparent case. Of course, these covers usually serve to avoid scratching the metal back , and possibly in the event of a fall the device can be damaged. In addition, as it does not cover the front, it is best to buy a screen protector.

Buy here the transparent case for the iPad.

7) iPad with 64GB? This is the best option to expand storage


If you've bought a 7th-gen iPad with 64GB, you might be running out in a few months - movies, games, and music take up a huge chunk of space. There is an accessory that can get us out of trouble: an external memory. The option that I use for my device is the SanDisk iPand. I purchased the 128GB of internal storage. However, there are cheaper options, such as the 64 GB one for about 30 euros.

This memory has a Lightning output on one side, and another USB 3.0 on the other, so that we can transfer content from the iPad to the computer or vice versa. In addition, it has its own iPad application that allows us to manage all the storage.

You can buy it here.

8) AirPods, one of the most recommended accessories


I have already recommended AirPods on different occasions, and if you have an iPad 2019 you will get a lot out of them too. The headphones connect quickly to the tablet and are perfect for listening to music, playing games or watching series and movies. In addition, we can choose different options. On the one hand, the economic version, which can be bought for 130 euros on eBay. On the other, the AirPods Pro, which are or 280 euros . These have a different design and feature noise cancellation.

If you have an iPhone you can also use the AirPods. In the case that you have an Android mobile, these headphones are also compatible. However, they don't connect the same way: you have to connect them via Bluetooth.

9) Support for iPad


Whether for work, play or watch a movie. The truth is that a support is a very useful accessory for this type of device. They are compact and can be placed on any flat surface. For example, when we go on a trip. In addition, they allow the device to be charged while in use. There are different options on Amazon. One of the best is this one from Lamicall, which can be placed in different positions. In addition, it is available in different colors.

Buy it here for 15 euros.

10) Adapter for iPad


The iPad has a Lightning port at the bottom to which we can attach different adapters. An interesting option is this one from Masomrun, which is priced at 23 euros. It is an adapter with HDMI, VGA and audio connector . It can be very useful if we want to see a series of the iPad on the television or if we want to connect an external monitor . The adapter has a very good rating on Amazon. According to the opinions, it works perfectly. You can buy it here.