How to sign up and find oppositions on the Internet

How to sign up and find oppositions on the Internet

Making the decision to sign up and take a competitive examination is a very important step . Because this, without a doubt, can make a huge change in your life.

In the first place, because preparing an exam will be a parenthesis in your life. A period of time in which you will have to study conscientiously to learn the syllabus and be at the height of such important exams .

Second, because if you overcome them, your work life can change . And a lot. If you opt for a civil servant position, stability will come to your life. Why is that what you were looking for, right?

Are you clear already? If you want to find oppositions through the Internet, we will tell you how to do it. Signing up is easy if you know where and how to search . All the instructions, sources, and resources you'll need, below.

Sign up and find oppositions on the Internet

Sign up and find oppositions on the Internet

The first thing you have to know is what calls are open . So the first thing you can do is consult the pages on the Internet that are dedicated to advertising the competitions that exist. There are different sources, but we recommend the following: From this page you can search for competitive examinations and also do it by provinces. Why is this important? Because if you do not plan to change province or the opposite, and you want to go live in a specific city, you have the possibility to search for more specific calls.

You will also be able to see the latest news and keep up to date with the most recent calls. In the TODAY section, you will see the places called and you will know exactly the deadlines and agendas . In fact, on this page there is a lot of interesting information about requirements, tests, tricks and instructions to prepare a successful opposition. More graphic videos with specific information are also included. is another interesting page to search for oppositions. As soon as you access the page, you will see a list with the most recent calls . The description is included, so that you know exactly what type of positions are being referred to, the organizing body and the date of publication. You can also search by autonomous community, province and category.

Sign up and find oppositions on the Internet

How to register for competitive examinations through the Internet

Before registering for a competitive examination, you will need to carry out a series of procedures. One of the most important, check the requirements to access the opposition. You may be asked for a series of technical requirements, related to age, physical characteristics, training ... And then it will be necessary for you to study a syllabus.

If you access any of the pages mentioned above, you will most likely be able to access information related to the characteristics of the call , what you must study, the agenda and other information related to the registration process.

In fact, from here you will see how you should register. The call is published in the official gazettes , so you will have to go to them. Or directly to the website of the agency in question. Some registrations can be done online, so you won't have to travel to formalize them.

We recommend that you do a search in Google that includes the word “oppositions”.

Take into account seriously, yes, the requirements. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time and preparing for exams that you cannot choose. That is why it is important that you connect to one of these specialist sites or that you go to a training center where they can help you properly prepare your access to the call.

We recommend that you carry out a search that includes the word “opposition” and then the name of the organizing body . For example: “Generalitat de Catalunya Oppositions” or “Madrid Community Oppositions“. You will see that you directly access the official website of the agency. And that you can download information and register from here.