Vodafone service problems, internet and mobile data fail

Vodafone service problems, internet and mobile data fail

Do you have internet problems? The Vodafone operator suffers a general drop in its different services. Some users are reporting errors on the internet, mobile data and coverage and on the phone . It seems that this ruling is nationwide and has started just a few minutes ago. Reports on Downdetector continue to rise. At the moment, Vodafone has not commented on this fall that affects different cities in Spain.

What is happening with Vodafone? It seems there are different problems. Some users complain through the different social networks that they cannot make calls with their mobile or landline, as a signal of coverage appears. Nor can they connect you to mobile data for this same reason. If you try to make a call, it appears a warning of failure with the connection or communication. In some cases, the company's internet and fiber also give problems preventing users from connecting to the internet and surfing the net.

@vodafone_es hello. What's going on? A moment ago, they could neither locate me nor could I call… CP: 46023.

- Iván Casas (@IvanCasasT) November 6, 2019

I am a Vodafone user with a mobile line and I also have problems when making calls. Although I get coverage, I get a notice when calling saying that the phone is not available at this time. After calling several numbers that message appears.

It seems that this drop also affects the services and operators that use Vodafone's coverage, such as Lowi. A user on Twitter has reported problems with the OMV.

@Lowi_es neither data nor telephone… What happened ??

- Jose Luis (@joluvafe) November 6, 2019

I don't have data or line either

- I am your Goddess Mama Ocllo (@Kebustasar) November 6, 2019

At the moment Vodafone has not confirmed a general drop or maintenance of the service , so we will have to wait to find out what has happened. There is no direct solution, but you can try turning your router off and on, restarting your mobile, or even removing and reinserting the SIM card into your device.