PSN does not work, Playstation Network gives error or does not connect

psn does not work playstation network does not connect

So is. Since early in the morning, the Playstation Network service is reporting some connection problems with the Playstation servers. According to dozens of users on Twitter, the service is unable to load the content on the screen, showing an error that suggests that the application is unable to connect with the company's servers. At the time of this writing, PSN is not working . The company has not commented on the matter either, so the origin of the problem is unknown.

Playstation Network does not work: gives error or does not connect

Yesterday it was Zoom and today it is PSN. What at first seemed an isolated error has ended up leading to a global decline. Since this morning, dozens of PSN users have been reporting problems with the application's servers. In response to several of the complaints spread by Twitter, the official Playstation account has blamed these reports on isolated problems with the Playstation Network service , as we can see in the tweet linked below. Hours later, the error has spread to most of the countries where the platform is available, resulting in connection problems, download problems and error codes of a different nature.

@AskPlayStation I downloaded a game on PSN and it doesn't work

- Josh (@Exhibit__J) August 26, 2020

If we take a look at the heat map we can see that the fall has affected various parts of the planet. On the one hand, central Europe  is the most affected focus, with countries such as Spain, Germany, France and Poland in the lead . The United States is another of the affected countries, with critical points on the east and west coast of the country. The rest of the points are shared between Australia and some Latin American countries and Russia.

playstation network does not work

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At the moment, Playstation has not issued any official statement. Everything points to a problem with servers located in Europe and the United States, although a possible computer attack on PSN services is not ruled out . In any case, we will update the article with all the information about it as soon as Playstation decides to officially pronounce itself.


The Playstation Network access problems seem to have been fixed. The service is gradually being restored throughout the world, as confirmed by several users.