TP-Link Archer C7, we've tested it

tp-link archer c7

Having a good router is essential to enjoy the Internet connection that reaches home or work. And, it is of little use to have a good amount of MB per second if , in the end, they find a bottleneck in the device that takes them to mobile phones, computers or even connected printers. TP-Link has extensive experience in this regard, and a wide range of routers with advanced capabilities that go beyond offering connectivity to home appliances. Here we thoroughly analyze your Archer C7 model , which arrives prepared for most of the needs of the most demanding Internet users.

It is a predominantly wireless router . And it is that its greatest virtue is having a dual band of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz to ensure a smooth experience without cables . It is updated to the latest WiFi standards and its mobile application not only allows its comfortable configuration, but also a good number of extras such as parental control, share password, eject foreign devices from the network, etc.

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TP-Link does not fail in the most important section of this device. It features IEEE 802.11ac technology , a backward standard compatible with 802.11n devices that is capable of transmitting information three times faster than N routers. More specifically, it allows data to be sent over the air at a total combined speed of up to 1, 75 Gbps . Feature that translates into an especially comfortable use of this router for live broadcasts or sending large files in a fluid way. All this without the need for a cable connection.

This combined speed comes from its 2.4 Ghz band , which is capable of transmitting at 450 Mbps , and its 5 Ghz band , with a maximum speed of 1,300 Mbps . Enough capacity to make use of all the bandwidth in a fluid way, either to play over the Internet , to serve several devices at the same time without interruptions or for 4K streaming playback.

tp-link archer c7 rear

Although this TP-Link Archer C7 is predominantly WiFi , several Gigabit ports could not be missing to connect devices via cable . These Ethernet ports are standard for 10/100/1000 Mbps connections . A method that ensures the stability and maximum speed of the connection contracted with the company, without coverage problems thanks to copper. A connection that can be useful for desktop computers , game consoles or smart TVs .

As if that were not enough, this Archer C7 also has two USB ports of type 2.0 . A connectivity with some versatility for elements such as hard drives and FTP servers with which to send your data and create a network to access them from other devices. All this with the speed of its wireless technology.

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And not only that. These two USB ports are also useful for providing WiFi connectivity using a USB modem source . That is, those USB sticks that connect to the network and that, with the TP-Link Archer C7 , would serve to connect different mobiles and tablets without having to use any of these devices as an intermediary.

Now, it is necessary to have an Internet connection via Ethernet cable directly from the wall, or with a modem that transforms the DSL connection into this mentioned Ethernet output . And it is that the TP-Link Archer C7 is only a router , not like the modem-routers that some telecommunications companies offer.

tp-link archer c7 connections


We cannot miss the design section. At the end of the day, it is a device of considerable size . A gadget that has to be placed somewhere and that, on this occasion, does not present much effort to disguise itself with the furniture or to maintain a stylish technological appearance. And it is a very TP-Link router . Its black color makes it somewhat elegant and hides its presence. Its lines are quite attractive, highlighting its slightly curved surface . But it's its two transverse lines / grooves on the top panel that mark the line of its design.

On the front, in the beveled part , we find the different operating indicators of this Archer C7 : power on, WiFi, 4G, operation of the different Ethernet ports, Internet connection, synchronization ”¦ Its yellow LEDs leave no doubt about the indication that they are giving, although their design, like that of the device itself, does not end up offering stylish finishes or that help to disguise its presence. It is on its back where we find all its connections.

tp-link archer c7 layout

As for his actions, I must say that this Archer C7 has a body of plastic of 243 x 160 x 32.5 mm . Of course, three antennas protrude from it to give amplitude to its signal. A topic that we talk about next.

In short, the design of a classic router and something sober that forces you to find a good place to hide or place it. It only has the possibility of placing it on a flat surface or hanging it from the holes in its base .

tp-link archer c7 full front


Opting for this TP-Link router to offer greater and better coverage in the home or office WiFi network is a wise move. And it is that the router has six antennas to ensure not only a wider area of ​​influence, but a more stable signal for all types of devices. Three of its antennas are internal, while the other three must be placed on the back of the device. They are redirectable antennas with 5 dB power.

This translates into a really wide and powerful coverage area. In our tests, in places where basic routers installed by telecommunications companies were weak, this Archer C7 achieves a stable connection and almost full power. We are talking about distances of 15 meters with walls and spaces that interfere with the signal , but that the antennas of this router save without problems. Even in the bathroom, where the tiling makes the penetration of the signal difficult, this router allows the uploading of content on social networks such as Facebook or Instagramwithout too much trouble. Something that other routers couldn't. Nor should we lose sight of the fact that the antennas of this Archer C7 are redirectable, being able to modify the coverage according to the position of the device and the arrangement of those.

tp-link archer external antennas

Now, its dual band gives great stability to the signal . Thus, even if we are far away and its power is not as desired, it is possible to enjoy streaming videos without cuts or fluctuations. Something that helps to take the cinema anywhere in the house, or to enjoy the game without too much ping and lag in more isolated areas.

Extra possibilities

It is another of its strengths, without a doubt. Of course, as long as we take advantage of them through your mobile application . It is available for Android and iOS terminals , you just have to search for it by name, TP-Link Tether , in the Google Play Store or the App Store . An application that draws attention from the first second thanks to its visual design and interface . It may not be intuitive at first, but its animations, colors and menus make it practical and comfortable, as well as visually pleasing. A point where the device itself fails, its functionality being the most remarkable.

tp-link archer c7 tether

Once the router has been connected , just start the application to detect the device. The first step will be to link it with the application , for which you have to enter a password and a username . These data are hidden in a sticker under the Archer C7, and should be changed due to their standardization ( User: admin. Password: admin ). The application thus recognizes the device and can make various settings.

In addition to seeing if there are any problems regarding connectivity, from the application it is possible to see which devices are connected to the Archer C7's WiFi network , or through an Ethernet cable . By clicking on any of these devices, other data such as the type of connection, the MAC address or the IP address are known.

tp-link archer c7 app

But the most interesting thing appears when you press the menu button, bottom right. With this, all those extra options available to this router are activated :

  • WiFi : With this menu it is possible to configure both bands of the Archer C7 , know their passwords and even deactivate them if they do not want to use them. In this regard, on the back of the router, there is a tab with which to turn off your antennas and focus on the cabling.
  • Share password : this section answers one of the most classic user problems. Simply enter this section to remember the name and password of the router . The good thing is that, in addition, it allows you to share this information through WhatsApp or other means. All facilities for guests to quickly connect to the network without moving the router .
  • Internet connection : In this section you can see if there is a problem with the connection. In addition, data such as the IP address, the DNS or the type of address that is being used (static, dynamic, PPPoP, L22Tp or PPTP) are specified.
  • Guest network : If providing password information is too intimate, it is always possible to create a parallel network. For this, it allows you to choose any of the two bands (2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz) and open it in a limited way. It even offers to establish some security with a password for as long as this parallel network is used.
  • Blocked Clients - Another utility that those who suffer from WiFi theft like . In this menu it is possible to deny Internet access to certain devices.
  • Parental control : it is also possible to exercise control over the web pages that are visited on certain devices connected to the same WiFi network. You just have to activate this function, choose one or more devices for parents, and up to eight devices for children. The rest consists of indicating web addresses that they cannot visit. Of course, you have to manually type or paste the address of those pages that you want to keep blocked.
  • 3G / 4G : In this case the section allows you to manage the Internet connection from a modem connected through the USB ports.
  • System : is the menu that remains, from where to configure some basic aspects of the TP-Link Archer C7 . Elements such as changing the password or reverting the configuration to when it left the factory can be used from this same menu. Quite a detail for users less learned in this of networks and connections. And it is that you only have to press a button to carry out the different actions.

tp-link archer c7 antenna view

Conclusions and price

In short, we have had the opportunity to test a router that, although not very discreet and visually concerned, is especially useful in practical terms thanks to its technical section. The improvement of the WiFi network after its installation is really remarkable . Much more coverage and a more stable and powerful signal , even if we move several meters away from the device.

Its dual band WiFi allows you to get the most out of mobiles and tablets. We have tested on-demand content services on the Internet such as Netflix or YouTube videos without finding fluctuations in playback. Downloads are also fast, taking advantage of the bandwidth and maximum speed of our connection without having to be connected by cable. Elements that are required of a router and that this Archer C7 more than meets.

tp-link archer c7 rear view

It also has many extra points for the most demanding users. From the USB ports to connect hard drives to have them in a network or even printers and photo machines to access their contents from the computer, to the possibilities of their application. If you are a user, it is practically mandatory to have TP-Link Tether to be able to manage elements as simple as sharing the password or knowing who has connected to the network. It is visually very attractive and a real convenience without the need for experience in the installation and management of networks.

This TP-Link Archer C7 router can be found in Internet stores and supermarkets for a price between 80 and 100 euros .

tp-link archer c7 box content

TP-LINK Archer C7

ModelTP-LINK Archer C7


Dimensions243 x 160.6 x 32.5 mm
Others3 detachable antennas


ApplicationTP-Link Archer C7
characteristics- Wifi

- Share password

- Internet connection

- Guest network

- Clients blocked

- Parental control

- 3G / 4G

- System


Mobile NetworkVia USB modem
Wifi- IEEE 802.11a / n / a 5GHz

- IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz

Ports4 x LAN. 1 x WAN, 2 x USB 2.0
Frequency2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
Speed1300Mbps in 5GHz, 450Mbps in 2.4GHz
Wireless securityWEP, WPA / WPA2 and WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryption, SPI and NAT firewall, access control and MAC address filter
Potency of transmission: 5 GHz

6Mbps-96dBm 11a

11a 54Mbps: -79dBm

11ac HT20: -71dBm

11ac HT40: -66dBm

11ac HT80: -63dBm


54Mbps 11g: -77dBm

11n HT20: -74dBm

11n HT40: -72dBm

Wireless functionsPossibility to activate or deactivate the connection
Advanced featuresThrough the TP-Link Tether app
Others3G / 4G connectivity via USB modem

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteTP LINK

Price from 80 euros