Samsung SUHD KS9000 series with Smart TV from 2016

Samsung SUHD KS9000

Samsung UE65KS9000 Seal Awards Your Expert 2016If we look at the sales numbers, to talk about Samsung televisions would not need any presentation . We are talking about the number one manufacturer of televisions in the world for the last ten years. Last January they unveiled the SUHD TV range , seeking its reaffirmation of world television leadership.

Specifically, the KS9000 series is equipped with Quantum Dot technology  that manages to surround you in an even more realistic image with very vivid colors. With Supreme UHD Dimming technology , the contrast is increased, and the Supreme Motion Rate 240 captures the action making it clear from the first minute that high-end televisions go where others fall by the wayside. It is also characterized by an elegant design that with its curved panel and floating base will still allow us to immerse ourselves more in the image.


The Samsung KS9000 SUHD TV stands out for the elegance of its design. Its curved panel is surrounded by a frame that surrounds the entire screen giving it a very fine finish, making all the prominence focus on its display. It has a floating Y-base , silver in color. It should be noted that its Ultra Slim design will facilitate its placement anywhere in the house. Without a doubt, a very elegant device that combines very well with any home.

This series has several options in terms of inches , we can choose from 49 inches to 78, having the intermediate models of 55 and 65 inches. All of these models come with a compatible wall mount.

Samsung SUHD KS9000


The Samsung KS9000 has several image enhancement systems . Its  Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot Display system  reproduces 30% more color and 64% more detail than a traditional LED TV. But also, its 10bit panel works in our favor in terms of the colors it offers us. It is worth mentioning the Auto Depth Enhancer that is responsible for analyzing the images, looking for the position of the objects within them, with this what it does is modulate the contrast, thus optimizing the sensation of depth.

Each family has a particular way of watching television, some do it with the light on, others with it off and some with very little ambient light. That's why Samsung has designed SUHD TVs to offer the best possible viewing experience , whatever the surrounding lighting. Plus, Ultra Black technology reduces light reflection, keeping glare to a minimum.

It also has HDR 1000 , which will more accurately show the range of light and dark levels in an image, once again giving us a reality that will leave us speechless. All this accompanied by its Curvo UHD , which to design it has taken into account the average viewing distance, something that will make us have a feeling of spaciousness and immersion in the images we are seeing. UHD also provides four times the Full HD resolution.

The resolution of 3,840 x UHD be 2,160 pixels . It should be noted that this Samsung TV is capable of offering us content other than SUHD with a much brighter and sharper quality thanks to its image engine. It analyzes the brightness of the video and remasters it to get an experience very close to that of watching content in 4K.


One of the problems that has existed since monitors have become flatter has been quality sound systems. Samsung comes with Dolby Digital Plus system and a sound output of 60W. All this accompanied by a woofer that will give us a better experience when handling bass (for example, in action scenes). In addition, the TV comes with the TV SoundConnect system, which makes it easy to connect the TV to a company sound bar directly via Bluetooth, without the need for cables.

Samsung SUHD KS9000

Smart TV platform

Samsung ensures that its new Smart TV adjusts to our rhythm of life and also to our style. This system will allow us to quickly discover and access our favorite content thanks to the Smart Hub . In fact, we can synchronize our Samsung smartphone with the TV and share content more easily.

Created based on the 2016 Tizen (OS) operating system , the intention is to simplify its use by making it easier for us to discover and access content. We will have everything in one place , from movies, to games, through the information of the program. The same screen that will prevent us from having to get lost in infinite menus and heavy navigation.

On the other hand, the Smart Hub has also been redesigned to facilitate use . We can access our favorite shows as soon as we turn on the television. Same as the television remote, called Smart Control or Premium Remote. What it will do is that we have all the controls in one, without having to have the sofa full of five different controls for the living room devices. The Smart TV will recognize what is connected to the TV, something that will allow you to control external devices with the Smart Control without the need for configuration.

your expert recommendsFor those who enjoy playing, we will have a large library of games . More than five hundred streaming titles that we can download will be available for our Samsung Smart TV. In addition, we will have recent games such as Assassin's Creed III, Batman: Arkham Origins or the LEGO Movie among others. All this without the need for a console to fully exploit the virtues of our television.

If we press the EXTRA button on the remote, it will offer us information related to the content we are seeing instantly. If we are playing, we can see the profiles of the players and statistics during sporting events, also information about the protagonists of movies and television series.

In addition, the Samsung Smart View mobile application will allow us to share content instantly, an application that is available for Android, iOS and Windows. With applications such as AccuWeather, Crackle, iHeartRadio, Plex, UFC, Vimeo, we can enjoy all these applications in combination with our television.

We will also have access to streaming UHD movies and other content from providers such as Amazon, M-Go and Netflix, in addition to YouTube .

Controls and connections

At the back of the screen we will have the connections, which consists of four HDMI ports, three USB ports and a network input (LAN). At the connection level, the Samsung KS9000 also comes with integrated WiFi, which will facilitate the Internet connection without the need to have a cable near the TV. The quad-core processor of this TV will make it easier for us to work with it, to have a smooth user experience.

Samsung KS9000



Size49/55/65/78 inch
Resolution4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Frequency2,400 Hz PQI
TechnologiesQuad Core Processor

SUHD Curved (10bit Panel)

Peak Illuminator Pro

Precision Black

Supreme UHD Dimming

Quantum Dot Display



Dimensions (with base)78 inches: 1,744.6 x 1,113.1 x 144.5 mm

65 inches: 1,443.4 x 928.7 x 404.6 mm

55 inches: 1226.0 x 713.2 x 93.3 mm

49 inches: 1,089.0 x 636.8 x 99 mm

Weight (with stand)78 inch: 48.8 kg

65 inch: 28.8 kg

55 inch: 20.0 kg

49 inch: 17.1 kg

ColorsSlim design in silver

Smart tv

AppsGames, Skype, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Yomvi, Wuaki
FeaturesMulti-screen, Samsung Smart View, PiP
ControlsBlack Premium Remote and Standard Remote
Mobile connectionYes, control through mobile phones and tablets with Samsung Smart View, Screen Mirroring



TV SoundConnect


Dolby Digital Plus



Tuner2 x T2CS2 (TDT2)
MHLYes (1.3)
Connectors1 x Component In (Y / Pb / Pr), Composite In (AV)
Wi-Fi DirectYes
OthersHeadphones, CI Slot, RF input, WiFi Direct, USB Recorder

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Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price from 2,200 euros (approx.)

Samsung UE65KS9000 Your Expert Awards 2016