6 free photo editors via browser

6 free photo editors via browser

Photo editing programs can be very expensive, especially if they have advanced features or are designed for professionals. Luckily, we will always have free and online options: you no longer need Photoshop or other software installed on your computer.

In this article we are going to go over six free photo editors that you can use directly through the browser. Not all are as complete, but depending on your needs you can choose a simpler or a more professional option.

1. Sumo Paint, an online alternative to Photoshop

Sumo Paint is one of the most interesting tools for editing images in the browser . It works in a similar way to Photoshop, with many of its functions, and without registration.

The interesting thing about Sumo Paint is that it also has a paid version . For $ 4 a month (about 3.40 euros) you can also download a desktop application to use it from your computer.

sumo paint

Actually, almost all essential Photoshop functions are freely available. You can crop images, apply filters, work with layers and export the files according to your needs.

For it to work properly, you will need to allow your browser to run the Flash plugin.

2. PiZap, an intuitive editor to correct parameters of your photos

PiZap is a free online photo editor, perfect for making basic adjustments (without great professional needs). With PiZap you can, for example:

  • Crop, invert or rotate your images.
  • Adjust the parameters of brightness, contrast, color saturation ...
  • Add filters to images.
  • Combine multiple photos to create a  collage , or add stickers .
  • Paint over the images with the brush tool .
  • Add simple texts to create meme-type designs.


Like Sumo Paint, PiZap also has a paid version, with access to more functions. There are layouts (like stock photos or stickers) that are only available to paid users.

However, the free version is more than enough to create simple compositions or quickly modify photos.

3. Pixlr Editor, an advanced photo editing tool

If you have already worked with Photoshop or Gimp, you will be easily managed with Pixlr Editor, one of the most complete tools to edit photos for free online.

pixlr editor

The Pixlr editor allows you to manage layers , add texts, crop images and add effects to photos.

Some of the features are only available for the paid version, but overall Pixlr Editor is a fast and feature-rich tool .

4. Pixlr Express, a perfect image editor for Instagram

The same company Pixlr also offers another, simpler tool, called Pixlr Express. It is aimed primarily at social media users who need to improve their images before posting .

As in PiZap, with Pixlr Express we can add filters, create  collages and modify parameters such as brightness or saturation in just a few steps.

Pixlr express

The most interesting thing about this editor is, without a doubt, its simplicity. The platform is very intuitive and fast , so it allows you to work fluently.

5. Fotor, improve your image in seconds

The Fotor editor is the best option if you want to improve your photos in a few seconds and without any knowledge on how to do it.


The service has the Photo Enhancer function , which analyzes the weak points of the image and corrects it in a few seconds, improving brightness, saturation and any other necessary parameters.

Of course: the results end with a watermark , and if we want to remove it we will have to use the paid version.

6. BeFunky, with interface similar to that of Fotor

Another free online editor is BeFunky, well known for its simple interface . In this tool we will find the basic functions of cropping, brightness, saturation, filters ...


Almost all the functions are available in the free version , although with the paid option you can find others such as custom cropping to remove an element from the photo.