My eternal favorites, how to share your favorite Spotify songs on Facebook or Instagram

My eternal favorites, how to share your favorite Spotify songs on Facebook or Instagram

Spotify today launched a new feature called "My Eternal Favorites", a new tool that will allow us to share our favorite songs and podcasts in an easy and fast way . With this new function we can select our five favorite songs or podcasts and share them on social networks. The new feature is offered to both users of the free version of Spotify and premium users. We are going to tell you how to use this new function.

How to create your list of "My eternal favorites" and share on social networks

To access "My eternal favorites" we will need to have the latest version of Spotify installed. Once we make sure that we do not have any pending update, we open the application with the mobile.

A large poster should appear on the Spotify Home screen that says "Share your eternal favorites . " If it does not appear, we do not have the option available yet. It also happened to us only a few hours ago that the option appeared but when clicking on it it did nothing. So this new functionality seems to be slowly reaching users.

New feature My Everlasting Favorites from Spotify list creation

Once we click on the option that appears in the main menu, it will take us to another screen where we can create a small list with 5 titles, either songs or podcasts . We will only have to click on the "+" symbol that appears on the right side of each of the lines.

By clicking on the symbol, a search engine will appear so that we can find the song that we want to add to the list. The app will suggest some songs based on our usage, but they may not all be on that list.

New feature My Everlasting Spotify Favorites Share

When we have the list created we will see that a button that says "Share" is enabled. If we click on it, the application will give us the option to share our list of "My eternal favorites" on different social networks .

Specifically, we can share it as an Instagram Story , as a Facebook Story , on Twitter or, actually, on any site that allows us to share the "Share" menu on our mobile. We can do the latter by selecting the "More" option, located at the bottom of the share menu that Spotify offers.

On the other hand, if we have a premium, the application will also allow us to download the songs or podcasts from the list we just created . And it is that, after all, "My eternal favorites" is nothing more than a playlist that is created when we choose our favorite songs. Thus, once created, we can also find it, for example, in the Spotify application for the computer.