What does OK Boomer mean and why don't you stop seeing it on Twitter

What does OK Boomer mean and why don't you stop seeing it on Twitter

"OK Boomer . " You have tired of seeing it on Twitter and other social networks and have decided to look for its meaning. It is logical. And it is a fashion that everyone is using now to make memes on social networks. But it is also staying as a spoken tag to give that dismissive reply to a silly argument. Still don't know what it means? Here we explain it to you.

What does "OK Boomer" mean

According to what has been published on social networks and in an article in urban dictionaries, OK Boomer is a colloquial expression that serves as an answer. The key is that it is used to indicate indifference. Or laziness to argue a more elaborate answer. That is, you say "OK Boomer" when they give you an argument so stupid or so little reasoned that even thinking about where to begin to refute it makes you lazy. So instead of rolling your eyes or giving the reason like fools you can use this expression .

What does OK Boomer mean and why don't you stop seeing it on Twitter 1

The definition of the Urban Dictionary website is also clear. For them it is explained with the following situation: basically it is when an overly irritating child says something silly and you cannot even begin to explain why she is wrong. And that would be deconstructing decades of misinformation and ignorance, so you just have to ignore it and say that it is okay . And they put the practical example:

-Boomer (or unbearable person): Today's children are allergic to everything. In my day we ate wasps and cleaned our asses with poison ivy.

Non-boomer person: OK Boomer.

Where does the term "OK Boomer" come from?

This time we know well where the expression comes from. Or, at least, where it became famous. Its origin comes from the New Zealand parliament, where the deputy Chlöe Swarbrick delivered it in the middle of her speech in response to the comment of another parliamentarian. It was fast and deadly. A way of saying "yes, of course ...", but now it has gone to social networks and you will not stop seeing it. At least for a while.

We don't know where Chlöe Swarbrick has heard it previously, but being a millennial , she sure has a good understanding of social media and memes. Surely you know other similar fashions such as Sco pa tu manaa or Ontas. Fashions that have passed through Twitter to stay.

Where you can watch "OK Boomer"

Until now Twitter has been the predominant social network to find OK Boomer everywhere. It is used by ordinary tweeters, but we have also encountered celebrities and tweeters (Twitter celebrities) sharing all kinds of content under the banner OK Boomer.

OK Boomer. //t.co/K7M2VxGk5q

- Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) November 6, 2019

It is usually to give a dismissive response to the content they are sharing. Something like: sure, sure ... In a remarkable ironic or cynical tone . Always trying to take weight off what is published within the Tweet.

OK Boomer

It may be the answer to an old journalist who criticizes current fashions because he does not understand the world in which he lives. Better than getting to refute their beliefs and thoughts you say "OK Boomer" and something else. Or even if they criticize you with an old image from the past that they share on Twitter, instead of explaining what the styles of that time were and spending energy for nothing, you know: you answer OK Boomer and go on with your life as if nothing had happened .

Generational solidarity #okboomer pic.twitter.com/GhqhRLuJ1O

- Chloe Ann-King (@GGrucilla) October 31, 2019

Now you know what it means? Will you start using it in your speeches? Take advantage of it now that it is fashionable, although you will have to give more than one explanation about what this expression means. But at least you won't look as bad as if you roll your eyes or make faces. A "OK Boomer" on time can save you a lot of arguments .