After the goodbye of Sense8, 10 science fiction series to watch on Netflix

After the goodbye of Sense8, 10 science fiction series to watch on Netflix

Netflix has announced that there will be no third season of Sense8 . The first series of the Wachowski sisters offered a very original idea in which the characters connected with each other without knowing each other. An interesting and imaginative bet that we will miss.

But do not spread panic. Netflix has a very large catalog, so we are going to try to help you fill that gap by recommending 10 Netflix science fiction series available on the service . From current to classic series, we are going to offer you a varied cast with a common denominator: futurism.

The OA

After disappearing for seven years and left for dead, Prairie returns home. Only now… she's not blind anymore. She is not able to remember anything that has happened to her in all that time, the only thing she remembers is that there is something she has to do. Her relationship with a troubled young man in the neighborhood will make her begin to remember that she was part of something very big . A single season of this Netflix series has been shot for now.

The 100

After a nuclear apocalypse, the earth is left without inhabitants. Luckily, there were still humans inhabiting space colonies. After three generations, the species decides to return to the planet where they were born . One hundred are chosen to restore society. But things will not be as they imagined, and planet Earth is not going to welcome them. They have 3 seasons.

The Ministry of Time

National production, which has just premiered a new season, is a success with a loyal fan base that calls themselves "ministers." A team made up of agents from all ages must ensure that the temporal order remains intact, without anyone trying to alter the events of the story. So far, they have been three seasons. In fact, in its renewal it is said that Netflix had a lot to do with investing in the series.


UK. After a terrible chemical accident, a quarantine perimeter is established in the center of the city. From there, a series of strange incidents begin to occur right on the edge of the no-go area . The journalist Jennifer Preston decides to dive right into investigating, but she's not going to like what she finds out. Residue has a season of only three episodes and features actors from other series such as Misfits.

Black mirror

For many, the definitive science fiction series. With self-concluding chapters, each episode explores many of the great fears that surround the technological society that we are creating . How far could we go? Could it ever happen? The best thing about Black Mirror is that it is futuristic, but just a little bit. It is a future that we have just around the corner. One of the most disturbing Netflix series that we can find on the platform.

Doctor who

The most famous doctor on British television travels inside a phone booth and has a place on Netflix. With his various transformations, he will fight through time and space against the Daleks, the Zygons and many more enemies . On Netflix you have five seasons, those ranging from 2005 to 2010. Don't worry, although there is a common thread, they represent closed stories that you can follow.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

It could not be missing among the science fiction Netflix series. The legendary 1960s series experienced a golden rebirth in the late 1980s with Star Trek: The Next Generation. 100 years after its original mission, the new ship Enterprise continues on its quest to plow through the confines of space . With Patrick Steward as Captain Jean Luc Picard, and a new team, the series regained the glory of previous decades and won multiple Emmys. It has seven seasons.

Orphan Black


After witnessing a suicide of a girl identical to her, Sarah Manning decides to pretend to be the deceased and live her life. You will soon realize that it is not that they are alike, it is that they are clones . And apart from it, there are many more. Now, Sarah Manning is about to reveal a well-kept secret of the society of the future. Reflecting on the risks of human cloning, this BBC series tries to push those fears to their ultimate consequences. It has four seasons.

Falling Skies

What's a good sci-fi series if it doesn't include fighting aliens? That is why we could not pass up this post-apocalyptic title produced by Steven Spielberg himself. Boston is being invaded by aliens . Tom Mason goes from being a history professor at the university to leading a group of civilians fighting the invasion. Together with them he will fight to save the lives of his family and prevent the extinction of the human species. It has four seasons.


We finish the selection with a bet that is out of the ordinary. In this case, we move away from England, the US or even Spain. This series is the first Netflix production in Brazil , and it tells us a very special story. In the future, which we do not know if distant or near, society is divided into two types.

Only 3% of young people can access an idyllic area, free of diseases and dangers : the High Sea. To get there, participants will have to pass medical and intelligence tests. Soon, the nerves and the desire to be part of the select group will take their toll on the participants. There is only one season, 2016.

So you know science fiction fans, all is not lost. There is still a lot to see, and you can get a lot out of your Netflix subscription. Within the Netflix series you have post-apocalyptic futures, interspace and time travel and clone fighting. Of course, we will miss Miguel Ángel Silvestre in his role as El Lito, the action movie star with a great secret to keep.