Mytaxi, Cabify or Uber, which one do I use?

Mytaxi, Cabify or Uber, which one do I use?

In the age of applications to order a transport vehicle, which is the best? Which one is cheaper? How is the service of each one? The fight between the taxi and the services that use VTC (passenger transport) licenses is still very much alive. Mytaxi, Cabify and Uber are fighting for their site. Something that results in much more personalized services and care for users, and at a very competitive price. But, there is always the doubt. In this comparison we try to solve it by testing and checking each of the most used and available services in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

registration process

It is one of the arduous tasks of applications of this type. And it is not necessary to forget that, in all of them, it is necessary to enter the data of the credit or debit card. However, there are some differences between them that make some of them more agile and quick when requesting a race . Very useful when in a hurry, for example.

registration process


In the case of Mytaxi, it is enough to start the application and choose one of the three ways it offers: email, with our Google account, or with our Facebook account. If we choose one of the last two, the application starts up. In just a few seconds everything is active to order a taxi . In addition, as we will see later, it is possible to pay in cash, so it is not necessary to enter the bank details in this process.


In Cabify the process is also simple. Of course, you have to enter all the data manually: name, surname, email, password and mobile phone. From here it is possible to operate. Now, before ordering any vehicle, it is necessary to enter the credit or debit card details.


In this case we find the process more tedious. You have to enter all the data, but one by one. All this waiting for the confirmation message with the activation code after entering our phone. The process is designed with a very attractive aesthetic, but it is slow if you do not choose to use the information from Google or Facebook profiles. The last step is to add your credit card information. Of course, we can skip this step until the moment of ordering an Uber car.

Asking for a career

But let's get down to business. What information does each application give us when requesting a trip? Do we have all the data on the screen? Will we know how much it will cost us? This is how the different applications do it.

asking for a career


Once inside the application, Mytaxi shows a map with our exact location. The interesting thing is that, on the pin that shows our position, we have the approximate minutes of waiting until the nearest taxi picks us up . Very useful to avoid having to calculate how far the vehicles are, which, by the way, are also reflected on the map to know where they are.

We can request the collection anywhere by moving the pin with our user. In addition, by clicking on the Details tab at the bottom, we can access extra functions such as scheduling a pick-up one day and at a predetermined time. Or configure that the taxi that picks us up allows traveling with pets , is driven by one of our favorite taxi drivers or any other preference that we want to keep.

One press on the Request a taxi button and that's it. In a few seconds there is a response and information from the assigned taxi driver. Everything is shown on the map with approximate times but quite well calculated. Of course, nothing about the information on the price of the journey.


Cabify's system is very similar to Mytaxi. We are before a screen in which the map and our position occupy almost everything. It is also possible to see Cabify cars around us . Of course, the approximate collection time appears right at the bottom, along with the different types of vehicle that can be requested.

Now, the process is somewhat more elaborate, since you have to specify the destination address before applying for the degree . This, in turn, helps us to know how much money we should invest in the journey before starting it. Cost that varies according to the type of vehicle.

After this you just have to ask for the car. In just two minutes we already have an assigned driver whom we can keep track of at all times. Also, once at the meeting point, and if they don't see us, the driver always calls to find out our position .

Of course, in Cabify you must not forget to assess the driver's journey. Even more so when we are reminded that, in most cases, we can use the bottles of water, select the temperature or choose the music during the journey .


And the exact same thing happens with Uber. The map locates us and shows the nearby drivers. Of course, the screen is much cleaner and minimalist . Next to our location we can know the waiting minutes until our collection. And little else, the design is really minimalist and simple.

From here it only remains to enter the destination, although it is an optional process. If we do, we can calculate the closed price of the race, or consult the additional rates of the different types of vehicle. We can choose between the economic option, UberX, or a normal Uber . And everything is organized.

If we have entered the credit card details, the request is confirmed. We can know who is the driver who will take us and where he is at all times. Of course, after the race, it is necessary to close the route and assess the driver so that other users know about his services.


And here comes the most interesting part. The price can make a difference, despite the extra comforts offered by the different services. Closeness, free water or the possibility of listening to the music that we want can be in the background if you want to save a few euros .



In our tests we have verified a generic route from outside the M-30 ring in Madrid to one of the most popular train stations. In the case of Mytaxi, the route is listed in about 14 minutes, with an approximate cost of 13 euros .

Now, in this case, regular taxis are used. This means that we depend on the state of the traffic, luck with the traffic lights and the skill of the driver and the speed of the meter. The price is not fixed, and it can get more expensive at times when, to top it all, there is more traffic and it takes longer to get there .

In favor we have discount codes and aggressive campaigns that even cut the cost of journeys in half throughout the month of November, for example. Another point that we like is that we can pay from the application or in cash.


In the case of Cabify, always opting for the cheapest option, the Lite cars, the same route leaves us for a fixed price of 10.73 euros . Here there are no meters that add up while waiting for our pickup, no surprises after the trip. The cost is what it is and is known before requesting the transport. Of course, the time to go through it does not appear anywhere.


Uber also closes the route before requesting the ride. As long as the destination is indicated, something that is not mandatory. In our case we have confirmed that the same route as in the other cases, with the UberX option, has a cost of 11.82 euros . Closed price.

In case of not choosing a destination, Uber has very clear rates to calculate the price of the ride. On the one hand there is the minimum price of each journey of 5.50 euros, to which must be added 10 cents per minute of travel and 1.25 per kilometer walked .

Extra features

Of course, professional drivers know that the quality of the service does not only depend on your ankle play. With more and more services on the market, prices and attention take center stage . These are the extra functions that each of them offer through their applications.

extra functions


One of the weak points of this service can be the price. However, to avoid surprises, the application has a section called a calculator . Here it is possible to plan different races to know the price of each one of them. Of course, always approximate.

In its Details section, when ordering a taxi, there is also the possibility of sending a message to the taxi driver with any information of interest for the collection. It is also possible to configure the type of preferred taxi so that, in following races, only they carry out pick-ups: favorite taxi drivers, hybrid taxis, that accept pets, etc.


In addition to different types of vehicles, Cabify offers a service called Express focused on messaging . In this way, and through the same application, it is possible to request a collection point and any other delivery point. The difference is that they do not transport you, but or a package of yours. Something very useful for messaging or even to take your keys home if you have left them at the office, for example.

In the Preferences menu of this application you can set some tastes and requirements to make your trips more comfortable. You can choose to have the door opened for you at your destination or at origin or in both situations. The air conditioning is on or off in the vehicle . Or even predetermine the radio station that you want to listen to before taking the Cabify.


In Uber we find fewer extra services included in the application. Only the option of scheduling collections stands out. Function that is also available in Cabify and in Mytaxi , by the way. Apart from this, we do find advertising for another of its services: the UberEats food transport , although it requires an external application for its use.

Yes, we could consider the options to save common destinations as extra virtues . Something that speeds up the request for races. Or the option of making up to three stops of no more than three minutes at no additional cost during the journey. Stops that can be planned prior to pickup.


It is clear to us that the taxi has a tough competitor. Something that is noticeable both in the applications and in the service itself. Mytaxi is the most expensive and classic option . It has many current advantages such as knowing the location of the taxi driver or scheduling trips. But, if you are interested in saving a few euros, the best thing you can do is opt for Cabify or Uber.

Between these two services that work under VTC licenses, things are more even. In both it is possible to manage almost everything through the application. They are cheaper options than the classic taxi and add interesting questions such as choosing the music or setting the temperature of the vehicle.

On a personal basis, Cabify turns out to be a more complete application . It has all the necessary and well distributed options. Uber is prettier and more elegant, but too minimalist.

The good news is that all these services currently operate within the M-40. Now, only classic taxi drivers leave this area.