The Sky service app reaches Samsung TVs

The Sky service app reaches Samsung TVs

Sky recently arrived in Spain as a Straming service where you can watch the main pay channels. In addition to other programs and services on demand. The application came with compatibility with the desktop and application version, which allowed us to transmit via Chromecast to another device, such as a television. Today, Samsung announces the arrival of the application to its Smart TV. So we can view Sky content from our own application, without having to share a screen with the phone. Next, we tell you what this new app incorporates, compatible televisions and how you can download it.

The Sky application for Samsung Smart TV is compatible with all the firm's televisions, from 2014 onwards . All users with a model of this year will be able to download the application from the Samsung Smart TV application store, and subscribe to the monthly plan of the Streaming service. This has a price of 10 euros per month. On the other hand, we must emphasize that Sky allows us to broadcast on up to three devices simultaneously, with the same account. In this way, Samsung completes its Streaming service with applications such as Netflix, HBO, Wuaki, etc.

What Sky offers, the new Straming service


Sky arrives with thirteen live pay channels. We can see all the programming of channels such as Calle 13, Fox, Disney XD, TNT, National Geographic or even the 24-hour channel of triumph operation. In addition, it allows us to view great content on demand. As well as movies and series from large companies. Straming's service seeks to gain a foothold with big media such as Netflix (and its successful original series). Also with HBO and its admired series Game of Thrones, among others. We will see if compatibility with Samsung Smart TVs allows them to get closer to more users. Without a doubt, it is a good option to enjoy the main channels and great content.