Yamaha MCR N470, analysis of this complete mini system with MusicCast


your expert RecommendThe latest in sound equipment goes through "multiroom" or "multi-room" systems. These are speakers, accessories and stereo equipment that are connected to each other by WiFi  and offer us personalized music on demand in each room and without cables . In addition, in an age where everything tends to be light and easy to transport, our demands for good sound at home with which to enjoy our favorite music are not limited to a single room or a single location. We want the best sound to accompany us wherever we are.

This is where MusicCast comes into play , the system developed by the Japanese company Yamaha to connect several speakers distributed throughout your home through the WiFi network and manage them from an app on your mobile or tablet . From the application we can open any file that we have stored on any device in our house (computers, laptops, other smartphones ...) and make it sound throughout the house or in those spaces that we want at all times. It also allows you to directly play music from applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM ... as well as a good number of digital streaming services thanks to its WiFi connection.

One of Yamaha's most prominent products with this wireless on-demand music system is the MCR N470, a traditional-looking mini system with a silver finish for the deck and black for the speakers. Designed to crown that room in which we feel more comfortable and enjoy the high fidelity sound of this Japanese mini system.

yamaha mcrn470-05

The sound of always and now

With the MCR N470D mini system we can have sound in almost every possible way . From playing our lifelong CDs (CD, CD-R, CD-RW -Audio CD, MP3, WMA-) or listening to the FM radio to linking our mini system with a good handful of streaming services. To the aforementioned MusicCast technology specific to Yamaha products, technologies such as Bluetooth or AirPlay (the own tool of Apple devices to connect with external speakers) are added. It also has a USB port with which to introduce our files and make them sound through its speakers.

Digital radio is a reality thanks to its DAB / DAB + tuner with which you can pick up stations from a good number of European countries without having to be connected to the Internet. Although we can also search for stations from around the globe through its Internet radio manager vTurner . It also has a DLNA connection for wireless file transmission.

And as usual at the moment, the Yamaha MCR-N470D is already fully compatible with music streaming services . From the most popular in the European market such as  Spotify (as well as its Spotify Connect app) to services of others with a greater presence in other geographical areas such as Juke, Napster, SiriusXM, Qobuz, Rhapsody or Pandora.

In total,  more than a dozen systems offered to play our favorite songs from any device or platform. And with MusicCast, wherever and whenever we want.


Quality sound in a sober design

Thanks to its sober design that combines silver and black finishes, the MCR-N470D keeps a very sober line that is optimal to be installed in almost any room in our house. The type of decoration will not be a problem either, although it may cost us a little more to find the ideal space. And it is that we are facing a fairly heavy desktop computer, with a total of more than eight and a half kilos (three kilos of the central plate and more than two and a half kilos of each speaker).

But what we are going to gain above all is quality in the audio. Since each speaker has an eight-inch woofer for low frequencies and a one-inch tweeter, the one that will allow us to enjoy the highest frequencies with all the fidelity . It has an impedance of eight ohms and a frequency response of 55Hz-38kHz.


Home technology

Despite being quite powerful loudspeakers, they come equipped with a series of systems that completely adapt this mini system to use in the home. Firstly, because it includes the VCCS (Vibration Control Cabinet Structure) system, an element developed by Yamaha to prevent external vibrations from the speaker . Absorbing shocks through three internal legs as well as other small elements are the objective of this system that will not only prevent them from moving, but also transmitting too many vibrations to the support.

To its hi-fi amplifier that works to eliminate all possible noise in the sound emission, we must add another specific Yamaha system that is only incorporated in some of the highest-end devices of the Japanese company. This is the PianoCraft concept and consists of a series of micro components that aim to make the music sound as if it were being broadcast live in front of you. A small addition that dramatically increases the frequency of the sound when playing music from quality formats (WAV, FLAC and AIFF) up to 192kHz / 24-bit.

yamaha mcrn470-04

Price and reviews

The Yamaha MCR-N470D mini stereo is priced at 500  euros and is already on sale in specialized stores and some large shopping centers .

A good value for money for a mini system that combines the best of the highest sound quality standards with extremely high frequencies with high-quality formats with the most innovative reproduction formulas . From quiet listening to quick selection of playlists from our social networks or even tuning into thousands of radio stations from anywhere in the world. Except for vinyl , with the Yamaha MCR-N470D mini system you not only acquire a hi-fi product, but a very complete player that leaves practically no format out of its catalog.

YAMAHA MusicCast MCR-N470D

Brand Yamaha
Model MCR-N470D


Size 1.5 inches
Resolution -
Density -
Technology LCD
Protection -


Dimensions Plate 270 x 110 x 330 mm

Speakers (each) 154 x 274 x 237 millimeters

Weight 3 kilos deck + 2.6 kilos speakers (2)
Colors Black and silver
Waterproof  Not


Formats MP3, WMA, MPEG4, AAC, WAV (* 1), FLAC (* 1), AIFF (* 1), ALAC (* 2) - (* 1) 192 kHz / 24-bit; (* 2) 96 kHz / 24-bit
Radio FM radio with DAB / DAB +
Sound Woofer + tweeter
Features -


Mobile Network Not
Wifi Yes
GPS location Not
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1
Connector USB
Audio 3.5 mm minijack + RCA + JACK on deck
Bands -
Others DAB / DAB +, vTurner, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Spotify Connect, Spotify, Napster, Juke

+ info

Release date Now on sale
Manufacturer's website Yamaha

Price 500 euros