Windows 8, how to remove the startup password

Start Windows 8

You have to admit it. Having to type the password for our Microsoft account every time we enter Windows 8 is quite tedious. Even if we introduce the option to use a PIN or an image password, accessing this platform can cause more than one attack of hives. Of course, it is advisable to protect our data if we use the computer outside the home. But, if most of the time we are going to control where the computer is, there is a simple way to remove the startup password. We tell you in a few steps how to remove the Windows 8 startup password .

The first thing we have to check is if we have a session open with administrator privileges . This premise is key to be able to carry out this trick. The management of these privileges can be carried out through "Control Panel" , "User accounts and child protection" and, again, "User accounts" . Here we will have an option that allows us to change the type of account between standard and administrator. Once this previous step is done we can move on.

Remove your password in Windows 8

After this, we have to open the "Run" tool . There are several ways to get in here. The easiest way is to use the shortcut "Windows key + R" . In this way, the window for executing processes is opened directly. Another way to access it is to click with the right button of the mouse in the lower left corner and then on "Run". In both cases, once we get to the window, we write the command "netplwiz" (without the quotes). A third way to access these settings is to use the Quick Search bar in Windows 8. To do this, go to the main interface Metroand we begin to type the previous command "netplwiz". The first search result should be this tool. By the way, when we start this process, we could see a user account control tab in which we are asked for the administrator password. We simply write it in the box and then click on "Yes".

Once inside the "User Accounts" window, the option that interests us appears at the top and has the name "Users must enter their name and password to access the computer" . This option is checked by default. Just uncheck it and then click on the "Apply" button . Once this is done, we should see how the next time we start the computer we are not asked for any type of password or PIN. At any moment we can go backand re-check the box to have to enter a password at the start of each session. This option can be very useful if, for example, we are going on a trip or we have to share our equipment with other users. In short, a very simple trick but one that can save us a lot of hassle when using our Windows 8 PC.