Zlap.io, a new heir to Slither.io


Although Agar.io and Slither.io were the greatest exponents of the mechanics of online multiplayer titles through the browser , they have only opened the ban for what is to come. Or what is already here, in fact. And it is that since the boom that launched them to fame, we have seen the arrival of many other games with a similar scheme and with the surname ".io". Games like Wings.io or Splix.io , which have caught the attention of gamers, youtubers and many others. Now we know Zlap.io. A frenetic title with devilishly entertaining gameplay.

By its name you will already know that it is a game in which a good Internet connection is mandatory to enjoy the experience. And also that you will have to face other players from all over the world . What you will not know is that the game consists of annihilating the rest of the enemies and staying as the king of the track using a spiked ball tied to the character. It seems simple, but things get complicated once the game begins.


As in Slither.io , just enter a username and click on the Play button . Immediately you play on a map somewhat saturated with enemies that helps make the experience frantic and really complicated. Not surprisingly, matches only last a few seconds, at least until the balancing technique is mastered. And this is the other key to Zlap.io: the ball .

While with the WAS and D keys the game character is controlled on the map, the mouse will serve to try to master the swinging and turning of the ball that the player is carrying. This is the only weapon in the game, so learning how to handle it is a must if you want to climb the leaderboard. The ideal is to make concentric turns , protecting ourselves from the attack of the rest of the players. However, the weight of the ball and the constant movement of the player make it an arduous and complicated task, as well as hilarious.

The rest is a matter of technique or luck . Thus, we will be able to hit other enemies and eliminate them from the game. In return, we absorb your points to climb the leaderboard , but also to make our weapon bigger and heavier . In this way, we will attract attention both by points and by size, which will allow us to hit more enemies but also be the center of more attackers . And, once eliminated, our points will go to the one who has hunted us. Of course, it is also possible to use this weapon as a shield when placing ourselves under it. All a fierce, agile and frantic fight that can hook us for hours.


In the same way that happens in other “.io” type games , in Zlap.io we have the possibility to customize our character. Just use the arrows on the main screen to choose between different colors or designs . A short variety that will surely be expanded in the coming weeks.

In short, a fun game that will give a few hours of entertainment to those who need a break from Slither.io . It is completely free (with advertising) and you can play with just typing its name in the address bar of the browser: Zlap.io .