How to claim an invoice in Movistar

How to claim an invoice in Movistar

Things don't always go the way you expect. If it is our responsibility, the best we can do is deal with what happened and put a quick solution to it. But if it is not our responsibility, things get complicated, having to depend on third parties to fix the incidents that have caused us. If we enter the world of operators, solving a problem can cause us more than a headache. Between contacting customer service and witnessing how we are dizzy from telemarketer to telemarketer can be tremendously frustrating. Fortunately, most incidents are resolved quickly but on other occasions… it's time to call and call.

This time we are going to tell you what you have to do to claim an invoice in Movistar . We will try to give you the guidelines in the simplest way to avoid all possible problems. Patience and a good reading will be your greatest allies on the way to claiming an invoice from the Movistar operator.

Claim your bill in Movistar

Through a form on the Internet

If you want to claim an invoice over the Internet, all you have to do is fill out this online form. Within 48 hours, the Movistar Customer Service must contact you to offer you the tracking number of the claim, if it was opened. As soon as the user has the claim number, it may take about 7 or 10 days to receive the resolution thereof, via postal mail. If the deadline has passed and the user has not received a letter, they will be informed via email.

If the user already has the resolution of the claim but is not satisfied with it, they must appeal to it at this link.

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Through online chat

If you prefer to speak with an agent through the Movistar chat service, all you have to do is follow the link below and communicate your claim and questions about it.

By phone call to Customer Service

If your thing is to contact an operator directly through a phone call, you will have to call 1004, the free number. When you present your case to the operator, they must assign you a reference number for your case. Do not forget to demand it because, in this way, you will have ensured that the claim has been processed correctly and you have not been ignored.

By postal mail to Movistar

We advise you that, in the case of wanting to send a registered letter with the subject of the claim, do it in a certified way so that you can prove that they have received it correctly. Attach in your letter all the user data, a brief explanation of your complaint and a photocopy of the invoice, with the error duly indicated. It is also advisable that you photocopy the entire letter, so that you have a copy and can present it in case it is required.

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You must send your letter to the Movistar Customer Defense Service at the following address:

Telefónica SA Customer Defense Service

Gran Vía, 28

28013, Madrid

These are all the ways we have to file a claim for an invoice in Movistar. We hope that your dispute is resolved as soon as possible and in a positive way. Cheer up!