Wuolah, the portal to exchange notes that pays you to upload them


Being a university student in this country is very expensive, it is true. The policies that the current government has relentlessly implemented have left students with few opportunities and, what is worse, with water up to their necks: both themselves and their families. Hence, many have to earn a few euros doing all kinds of temporary jobs . But how would you like to earn money with your own notes? No, it is not a dream. It is a reality that materializes in Wuolah , a site where you can share your notes and earn money for them. The system is very simple: you register with a user account (although you can also use Facebook and simply log in), complete your profile and start uploading your notes. Your classmates - or those in other courses - will be able to download this valuable information completely free of charge. In return, you will receive compensation for downloading.


If you are one of those who take notes with absolute rigor, one who grasps all the concepts and who even intends to pass the notes cleanly and succeed , you are the perfect candidate to upload the notes to Wuolah . After registering, all you have to do is select your university and college and then upload the files for the different subjects and topics. Then you can share with your friends  and offer them the possibility to download the notes. But how can I get paid if people can download my notes for free? Wuolah is an advertising-based tool for those advertisers who want to reach students. So that,the longer the notes are and the better valued they are , the more likely you are to receive greater compensation in return. When your balance in Wuolah reaches 20 euros , you can request the payment to your account.

Wuolah 02

As soon as a download occurs , your notes will receive a positive point. However, if the notes are of poor quality (because they are poorly written, are not understood or lack information) they may be scored negatively and this will affect your account as a note provider . Please note that balance penalties may occur if fraudulent downloads by robots are detected.

If you are on the opposite side and what you want to do is download notes, you should know that the files they download can be both notes and exams or tests . You will have to select in which university you study and choose faculty in order to access the notes that correspond to your course. Another interesting option is to browse through the notes of another university: you may also find documents that may be useful when studying and taking your subjects forward. All files will contain advertising strips and you will be able to consult them previously, to determine whether or not they are of interest to you.