LG Q7, in-depth analysis with price and features

LG Q7, we've tested it

Your Expert RecommendedThe LG Q6 was one of the first mobiles that debuted the infinity screen for the mid-range. And this year it is renewed with its LG Q7 ThinQ version, a mobile with a very attractive design, water resistance and some interesting features such as its commitment to surround sound. Of course, we also find other sections where it is fairer, such as the camera section (with a 13-megapixel main camera) or its battery. I have had the opportunity to test the LG Q7 ThinQ for a few days, available in stores for a price of 350 euros . These have been my impressions of LG's mid-range mobile.

LG Q7 ThinQ, we tested it 1

The LG Q7's design is slim and slim, yet resistant to both shock and water

LG Q7 ThinQ, technical specifications

screen5.5-inch IPS with Full HD + resolution (2160 x 1080 pixels), 18: 9
Main chamber13 megapixels
Camera for selfies8 megapixels
Internal memory32 GB / Expandable via microSD card
Extensionmicro SD
Processor and RAMEight cores at 1.5GHz, 3GB
Battery3,000 mAh, fast charge
Operating systemAndroid 8.0 Oreo
ConnectionsBT 4.2, GPS, USB Type-C
DesignMetal and glass, IP68 certified, fingerprint reader
Dimensions143.8 x 69.3 x 8.4mm, 145 grams
Featured FeaturesHI-FI sound
Release dateAvailable
Price350 euros

When presentation is everything

No doubt. For another year, LG has repeated its shameless commitment to design in its Q range. The LG Q7 ThinQ is a mobile that immediately enters the eyes. Slim, elegant and with a presentation that has nothing to envy to high-end mobiles . In addition, the use of a screen that occupies most of the front could not be absent, and which has become one of the great trends in recent months in the world of smartphones.

LG Q7 rear fingerprint reader

The LG Q7 has passed a military testing test

The device is built in aluminum and opts for a 5.5-inch format . It is a size that not long ago we would consider typical of a phablet, but now it is more like a compact mobile. The truth is that the use of the screen makes it very comfortable to operate with one hand without losing panel space. Its weight, which marks 145 grams, also helps this sensation. We can find the Q7 in three different colors: black, blue and purple . In our case, we have been able to try the violet, which is slightly reminiscent of the hue of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that gave us much talk.

The LG Q7 can be found in three shades: black, blue and purple, all three with a brushed finish

The truth is that I would have liked to try the dark blue version, with a tone that I find very attractive. In all three cases LG has opted for a brushed touch with horizontal lines that give it a differential touch. Of course, during the test it seemed to me that the back scratches too easily. What I did like a lot is the IP68 certification against water and dust . Theoretically, that means it has to stay submerged for a long time without causing any damage.

Of course we are talking about a theoretical resistance, that is, under laboratory conditions. It is not the same to immerse it in salty or chlorinated water (from the pool), since both salt and chlorine are corrosive and a long exposure could annoy the mobile. So what is this certification for? To have an extra peace of mind that if your mobile accidentally falls into the water or gets wet, it will not be damaged.

LG Q7 rear view

The LG Q7 ThinQ has IP68 water and dust resistance

The Korean company also wanted to highlight the mobile's high resistance to falls and shocks. For this, they have passed 14 tests of the military standard MIL-STD 810G. We already talked to you before about this standard and the tests that the LG V30 had passed (in principle the same as the LG Q7). Without a doubt, a great incentive to bet on this mobile if you have clumsy hands and you usually end up with your mobile on the ground regularly.

LG Q7 photo gallery

The LG Q7's bezels are rounded at the rear to make it easier to grip. The camera lens is centered and at the top. Below we find the fingerprint reader. Its position is correct and it works very fast. In addition, it is able to capture our fingerprint well in all positions of the finger, something that is very welcome. I really liked the cleanliness of the design on the sides , with three physical buttons (two on the left and one on the right). The upper part has the antenna's own stripes, while in the lower part we find the slot for the headphones, the slot to connect the charging cable and the speaker.

LG Q7 speaker usb port

The LG Q7 speaker is located at the bottom, to the left of the charging port

This position of the speaker is comfortable when using the mobile with one hand, but if we play horizontally it is likely that we cover it with error. However, this overall arrangement is very balanced.

screen lg q7

LG Q7 18: 9 widescreen view

18: 9 widescreen IPS display

The LG Q7 ThinQ screen delivers, but without leaving great impressions. Much to blame for this is the bet on an IPS screen . A technology that, at least in my opinion, pales in comparison to the advantages of the OLED screens of the Korean high-end mobiles. It is true that these types of panels tend to saturate the colors too much, but at the same time they have a very high level of brightness and a lower energy consumption. Also, I prefer an experience with a spectacular point even if it means losing some realism.

LG inch screen

The LG Q7 has an 18: 9 screen with a size of 5.5 inches

As I said before, the Q7 bets on one of the screens that occupy almost the entire front, with a format of 18: 9 . That is, more elongated than traditional mobile screens. This has the clear advantage of a larger panel size in the same mobile space. Thanks to this, it has been possible to introduce a 5.5-inch screen in a mobile whose format would be typical of 5 or 5.2-inch mobile phones .

The brightness level is correct, although it suffers a bit when directly hit by the light of a sunny day. This is when I miss an AMOLED panel the most. For the rest, the color treatment is correct and we enjoy a Full HD + resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels. A good level of detail for all types of multimedia content.

LG Q7 fingerprint reader

The LG Q7 fingerprint reader is located just below the flash on the back

Advanced fingerprint reader

Before, I had anticipated that the fingerprint reader of this mobile had a good operation. The recognition is practically automatic and it is a very comfortable way to provide an extra security to the mobile. But, in addition, the company has also wanted to provide the reader with several advanced functions. These are three different functions.


The first one is to capture a selfie directly. To do this, you have to press once on the fingerprint reader when we have the camera open. The second of the functions is that of the screenshot. In this case, you have to press the reader button twice in a row and keep the reader pressed until the capture is made. Finally, the fingerprint sensor also serves to open or close the notification panel. To do this, you have to drag your finger down or up on the reader.

Although it is interesting to have these extra options, the truth is that the performance of the reader has not been as fine as one might expect. On many occasions you have to repeat the gesture for it to work properly. It does not reach the level that we have seen in Huawei models.

LG Q7 processor

LG's mobile bets on a MediaTek processor

Just power

It is, in my opinion , one of the weakest sections of the LG Q7 . This mobile runs through a Mediatek MT6750 processor. An eight-core chip with a speed of 1.5 GHz per core, along with a 3 GB RAM. The RAM memory is more than enough for day-to-day use, but more power is needed when running games or more demanding processes such as the camera app. These stops can worsen the experience of using the mobile, especially if you are used to high-end models.

It is strange that LG did not opt ​​for a Qualcomm processor in this model. You also have to take into account the speed of the internal memory, which affects when handling apps. In this case, tests have shown speeds of just under 50MB / s read and 9MB / s write. The memory of the Q7 has a capacity of 32 GB. If we put aside the space that the mobile uses for the system and pre-installed applications, we have a useful space of around 19 GB to store our personal files, apps, photos and videos. This space can be expanded through an external MicroSD memory card.



We have pitted the LG Q7 against the two most popular power test batteries, Geekbench 4 and AnTuTu Benchmark. In the first case, the mid-range mobile has a score of 637 points in single-core processes. In tasks that require several cores, the score goes up to 2,143 points.

In AnTuTu Benchmark his score stands at 51,000 points.

LG Q7 rear camera

The rear camera of the LG Q7 is 13 megapixels

13 megapixel camera

We have already said that the LG Q family is one of the forerunners of bringing the infinity screen to the mid-range. What we still do not find here is the inclusion of a dual camera, neither at the rear nor at the front. Instead, the main camera stays on a single lens with a resolution of 13 megapixels and aperture of f / 2.2 . The results that are achieved depend a lot on the time of day. In good light the camera behaves quite well, but as we go into the night or in low light environments the results suffer. In fact, in low-light environments it is difficult to focus.

You also have to take into account the weight of the processor in this equation. The loading time of the camera app is long and sometimes you have to wait a couple of seconds for the photograph itself to be taken after pressing the button. This waiting time clouds the experience and can be annoying. What I did like are the different modes it incorporates. For example, a mode that takes four different photos (every three seconds) and turns them into an animated GIF. This is a fun inclusion, although I personally find that the delay between taking photos is too long to capture depending on what movements.

Another tool that can give us a lot of play is Q Lens . It is a feature inherited from the company's high-end mobiles. It is designed to be able to interact with the elements that we photograph. Specifically, the most interesting thing is the way it allows us to take a photo of a product and search for it through Amazon. You also have the option to search for photos similar to a capture through Pinterest. Or analyze a QR code (something that a third-party app normally needs).

The Instant shooting mode has seemed a complete success to avoid you going through the gallery every time you take a photo

But perhaps the most attractive surprise I've come across is the Snapshot mode . Normally, when we take a photo it is normal that we take several captures before checking if the shot has gone well. Seeing the photos in the gallery is a step that makes us lose time and that is often somewhat heavy (especially if the mobile is not fluid). The Snapshot mode is a breakthrough, since after taking the photo we will almost instantly see a preview in the middle of the screen . Without a doubt, a function that can make taking photos much faster.


Example of how Snapshot mode works on the LG Q7

We can also move easily through the photos we have taken with this mode by dragging our finger along the bottom of the screen (where the preview is). Here you can see another of the aspects that the firm has wanted to highlight the most. A quick bar to share photos through our main social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

LG Q7 ThinQ, we have tested it 2

The social bar appears if we click on the semicircle with an arrow in the lower right part and it is closed by clicking again on the arrow in the left part

The video recording is correct but without great fanfare, with a maximum Full HD resolution.

LG Q7 front camera

LG Q7 front camera view

Selfie camera with portrait mode

The front camera of the LG Q7 ThinQ has a resolution of 8 megapixels. We are facing an objective that fulfills its mission, but that for example lacks HDR mode. What we do have are several improvements at the software level that can give us play. Above all, the portrait mode. A tool that is capable of creating a bokeh effect (artificial, yes) without having two lenses. When we take a photo, our face is recognized and then the background can be blurred to create a more artistic photo. On the other hand, the Beauty mode could not be absent, which can be seen so much on Instagram. It is a way that softens our features to increase the attractiveness of our skin. Honestly, it seems to me that the photos are very artificial and I always prefer to have the "Beauty" mode at minimum or deactivated. But it is a matter of taste.

LG Q7 audio

The LG Q7 has a surround audio system

A mobile for sound lovers

It is perhaps the most curious bet of LG, if we consider that we are facing a mid-range mobile. The LG Q7 incorporates a more advanced audio system than usual. The key is the use of a Quad DAC HiFi chip, which improves audio clarity by 50% compared to other conventional mobiles.

Of course, to take advantage of this advanced chip it is necessary to get a pair of headphones to match. DTX Surround Sound allows you to have a more immersive sound experience. Of course, we have missed some options that we did see in the LG V30, such as being able to independently manage the volume in each of the headphones or having advanced audio processing modes.

LG Q7 android 8 oreo

The LG Q7 comes standard with Android 8 Oreo

Android 8 and LG App Layer

The LG Q7 comes standard with Android 8 Oreo. It is expected that it will be updated to Android 9 Pie over the next few months. Some of the most important improvements that this version has brought us are better battery management and notifications and in the use of the split screen.

The mobile comes personalized by LG's own software layer. It must be said that it is a fairly clean layer, that it does not burden the phone with many tools and apps that will not be useful later. We have some useful functions, especially if we have other LG devices or we have a company account. And, for example, you can install an application on your computer to easily share files between your mobile or your PC. Nor could it miss the typical resource optimizer that has become very common in large brands. From here you can view RAM or storage usage, test the phone's sensors, or diagnose their status.

Another addition is the application trash. When we delete an app, LG gives us the opportunity to restore it for a period of 24 hours , after which it is permanently deleted. Perhaps the section that I have used the least within the LG customization options is the personal screen. This opens when we drag our finger from top to bottom on the main screen. Within this view we find the most used contacts or the most recent conversations. It should be borne in mind that the concept of conversations is quite global, since the last calls received as well as SMS or emails can be accommodated here.

At the bottom we have access to the most recent apps that we have used. Probably the most interesting thing about this portal is the search engine, which helps us find messages, web pages or events with the keywords that are entered in the bar.

The company has framed the Q7 within its ThinQ artificial intelligence platform. At a theoretical level, the phone learns from our use to improve its performance over time. And it is also easier for it to interact with other smart devices that we have at home. Honestly, it is something that brands are giving a lot of importance to, but I have not yet come to notice substantial differences in day-to-day use.

LG Q7 connections

LG Q7 connections


Within the section of connections, the Q7 includes the USB type C charging port that has already become the reference port in the mobile world. It includes fast charging, which allows you to charge the mobile in half in thirty minutes.

The maximum mobile connection speeds are 300 MB / s download and 50 MB / s through 4G networks. What I do miss is compatibility with the WiFi AC protocol , so that the connection to the network is more stable. What we do have is NFC to make payments through mobile phones and Bluetooth version 4.2.

LG Q7 side

Low autonomy but with fast charge

As we said before, the Q7 incorporates a fast charging mode capable of recovering half of the mobile battery in 30 minutes. This battery has a capacity of 3,000 milliamps. A priori, an average capacity within the screen size in which we move. According to the official data of the brand, this mobile is capable of offering us 12 hours of conversation in 4G mode (no data on browsing time is given).

But the truth is that the battery is somewhat weak. I have not managed to finish a day without having to worry about whether I will reach the end with a load. Fast charging helps, but it doesn't take the discomfort of worrying about this point. I have the impression that LG has sacrificed a lot (maybe too much) to achieve that thin and light design. And in a mid-range mobile one of the safest bets is to increase the autonomy so that it can serve us throughout the day without problems. This is a point that takes it away from the performance of other terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy A6 + or some Moto.


As usual, we have put the mobile to the test with AnTuTu Tester. The result agrees with this impression. Its just under 6,500 points are a clearly improvable figure.

LG Q7 conclusions

The LG Q7, a mid-range mobile with lights and shadows

Price and reviews

The LG Q7 ThinQ has an official price of 350 euros, although you can already find some offers that lower its price to close to 300 euros . It is a mid-range mobile with a very strong commitment to design. It is thin and light, but designed to withstand with its military certification and IP68 resistance to dust and water (something unusual in a mid-range terminal).

Of course, it inherits a problem that we already saw at the time the LG Q6. The commitment to design makes LG sacrifice other aspects, especially autonomy and probably power . The decision to opt for a MediaTek processor seems unsuccessful to us, since the mobile is not as fluid as it should. On the other hand, we have a camera that in short offers a positive experience. And the fact of having a Quad DAC chip makes the sound field have a higher quality point than other mobiles of the same range.

The best of the LG Q7 ThinQ

It has a thin and very light design

Incorporates IP68 water and dust resistance

Bring the infinite screen format to a more compact mobile

LG's software layer is lightweight and has several useful tools


It could get better…

Its power leaves a lot to be desired

The autonomy is somewhat scarce, although it is alleviated through fast charging (half the battery in half an hour)