The 8 best apps and pages to convert audio to text for free

pass audio to textEver since smartphones and tablets became popular, handwriting either text or documents has become a thing of the past. We currently have assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant that allow us to pass audio to text in a relatively simple way. Unfortunately, the operation of these is not perfect, which is why we are forced to resort to third-party solutions. This time we have made a compilation of eight tools and applications to convert and convert audio to text for free , whether they are MP3 files already created or through the microphone.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify that for most online tools we will need to use Google Chrome as a browser, since the rest are incompatible with this type of page to convert audio to text.

IBM Watson Speech to text

convert mp3 audio to text

If we want to convert MP3 audio to text, Watson's online tool is one of the most useful. Best of all, it supports multiple languages. Its operation is very simple. Once we have accessed the web through this link, we will go to the Transcribe Audio section and select some of the possible options: upload an audio file or record through the microphone . Of course, before selecting any of the two options we must choose the language in which we want the transcription to be made.

Finally, we will be shown the transcribed text in the lower box. We must bear in mind that the transcription algorithm is not perfect, so we must vocalize perfectly and at a high volume.

Bear File Converter

convert audio to text

Another online tool to convert MP3 to text very similar to the previous one. The difference with the previous one is that it does not support so many languages ​​and the maximum size per file is 3 MB . The good thing is that it is capable of transcribing different types of files beyond MP3, such as WAV, MWV and OGG .

The operation of this is similar to the IBM tool: we will only have to upload the desired file and it will automatically make the conversion in the language in which the audio is dictated. It does not allow you to record your voice through the microphone . By clicking here we can access the web.

audio to text

We go from the audio to text converters and we go to a dictation website to dictate - forgive the redundancy - text., unlike the previous one, allows us to dictate all kinds of text through the microphone of our mobile or computer. We can do it in a large number of languages, including Spanish. The best thing is that, as we talk, the text will be generated to see how the final document looks .

Of course, for the application to be able to count on a certain degree of success, it is best if we speak loud and clear . Once we have created the document, we can print it, send it by mail or save it on our computer with the corresponding format (Word, ODT, etc.). In this link you can find the tool.


convert audio to wod text

A tool that in addition to having a website, also has an application for Android. SpeechNotes works very similar to In summary, we will have to dictate the text that we want to transcribe and this will be generated in real time. Besides being compatible with many languages, it has several commands to create periods, commas and many other punctuation marks .

Its degree of success is really good, and once the dictation is finished we can export it to ODT or Word or upload it to different services in the cloud . We can access by clicking on this link.


dictate audio to text

Online page, in essence, traced to the previous one. It supports almost the same number of languages ​​to convert text to audio. In addition, it has commands to generate punctuation marks . As expected, it allows the export of documents once we have finished the dictation to save them on our computer or smartphones.

But without a doubt, what stands out the most is because of the integrated translator that it integrates , which is based on Google. This works in real time while we dictate the text in our native language, and the degree of accuracy is almost perfect as it is based on Google Translate. We can enter the web at this link.

Voice Notebook

audio to text 2

If we have an Internet connection that is not too fast, Voice Notebook is one of the best interpreters to convert audio to text, as its interface is extremely light . The operation on this occasion is similar to SpeechLogger, since it has an integrated translator that translates the text in real time.

Its great asset is that it has its own direct access that can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Store to directly access the web . It has some useful functions such as automatic pasting of the generated text to the clipboard or the possibility of silencing the rest of the system sounds so as not to suffer any kind of interruption. By clicking here we will get to the official website.


The only one of the pages, together with SpeechNotes, that has an application for Android and iOS. The operation of the web version is identical to the one we have just mentioned. The application, on the other hand, has more interesting functions than those of its main competitors, such as the ability to convert audio to Word text without the Internet .

As expected, it supports several dozen languages, including Spanish and English . It is completely free, and we can download it from the Google Play Store. The web is in this other link.


audio to text odt

We reached the last page to automatically convert audio to text online. Same operation and same degree of success as the other services. Its advantages over the previous ones is that it allows you to layout the file through different parameters (font size, font type ...). Likewise, it shows us a preview of the text in real time that will help us correct possible errors when converting to text.

Once we have corrected them manually, we can pass it to the final document through the respective button . By clicking here we will find the tool.