▷ Setify, convert concert setlists into Spotify playlists

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After Festify and Our Spotify in common, Setify is the latest craze among Spotify users. As the name of the tool itself indicates, Setity is a non-Spotify web page that allows us to search for  setlists  of our favorite artist of any of the recent concerts of the author in question and convert the songs of the list in question into lists of playback for Spotify , although it is also compatible with Apple Music. The operation of the page is very simple, and today we will show you how to convert a setlist into a playlist on Spotify step by step with the aforementioned Setify.co tool.

This is how you can convert a concert's setlist into a Spotify playlist with Setify and Setlist.fm

A setlist  is defined, in musical jargon, as the list of songs that the artist performs in a temporary and ordered manner in a given concert. The Setify website allows us, among other things, to know the setlist of all the concerts of an artist and to convert the list of their songs into a Spotify playlist .

setify setlist to playlist spotify

The process is as simple as accessing the homonymous website through this link and searching for the name of the artist in question. Then, we will see a list of concerts that the artist has given over the last few years.

To see the songs that the artist has performed in a certain concert, we will only have to click on it and the complete list will automatically appear in chronological order along with the total duration of the list . It should be added that both the order and the number of songs is based on the information provided by users on the Setlist.fm website, so it is likely that they are not exact.

setify setlist to playlist spotify setlist.fm

Finally we will select the type of list (public or private) and  click on Save Playlist . Next, Setify will claim access to our Spotify account to add the playlist we just selected. Since the website in question makes use of the official Spotify API, we should not worry about our user data.


Once we have provided the necessary permissions, Setify will add the playlist to our profile automatically without the need to intervene in the application manually. We can see it in the side panel of the application to check it, as we can see in the upper screenshot.