10 interesting alternatives to EliteTorrent to download torrent files

alternatives to elitetorrent

It has been a long time since EliteTorrent was blocked in Spain from several Internet companies and some countries for legal reasons. As often happens with this type of website, the number of pages to download torrent has grown in such a way that it is currently possible to find alternatives to EliteTorrent that are even better than this both in quality and quantity of torrent files . On this occasion we have made a compilation of a total of ten alternatives to the aforementioned website accessible both from Spain and in the rest of the countries of the European Union and Latin America.


kickass torrents

Along with EliteTorrent, the best website of all to download series, movies and all kinds of audiovisual content. Unlike this, it has a large number of files related to topics that go beyond the big screen . Programs, outdated versions of Windows and so on. The only drawback is that we will not be able to access as we normally would, since the web changes its address constantly. We leave you below with several accessible addresses today:

  • //katcr.co
  • //kat.sx
  • //kickasstorrents.pw
  • //kickass.cm
  • //kat.am
  • //kickasstorrent.cr

The pirate bay

the pirate bay

The queen of queens to download torrent files. Not only movies and series, but discographies of entire groups and programs of all kinds for Windows and Mac. Like Kickass, the way to access it will depend on the web address and the country where we are . The best thing to do is to enter the official proxy list of the page through this link to choose the one that corresponds to our region.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

We have already talked about this website (or rather, program) for a long time in our list of the best alternatives to Plusdede. It is a simple software that allows us to watch movies online through torrent files. The downside is that most of the films are in the original version , although they usually have Spanish subtitles. The good thing is that the quality of these are usually not inferior to HD.

Best Torrent

best torrent

The alternative to Spanish EliteTorrent to watch series and movies in Spanish Castilian (there is also content in Latin). Although its library has nothing to do with EliteTorrent's, it does have the best-known titles today . Of course, most files are recorded in qualities that exceed what we know as high definition.



Another website that, despite not being specialized in audiovisual content, has a large library due to its fame on the Internet. Most of this content is in English, although it is possible to find Spanish films dubbed into the language of Cervantes (more in Latin than in Spanish). Unfortunately, it is not accessible from all routers, as our telephone company may have its access blocked.


extra torrent

A website that closed relatively recently to come back stronger. This time its content is focused directly on movies, series, television shows, anime and all kinds of content related to audiovisuals. Its library is immense, and most of the time it usually has the latest releases , as well as a good number of seeds (users with the file to download).



Surely one of the least known pages to download free torrents of movies and series. The reason for this is surely due to its catalog, which is negligible compared to the rest of the websites. Like most, they are usually original versions, although we can download them with subtitles in our language . Another advantage is that the weight of the files is quite low for high definition content.



Another website aimed at downloading videos of any kind. His great strength is the series. In fact, it is possible to find entire seasons of series like The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones or Family Guy . It is also possible to find premiere films, although it is not the most common.

Torrent paradise

torrent paradise

We are almost at the bottom of the ranking of alternatives to EliteTorrent. Torrent Paradise is one of the websites with the highest number of torrents on the Internet, although it is not exclusively oriented to movies and series. The good thing is that the number of seeds per torrent file is high , so we should have a much higher speed than other alternatives.

Tree torrent

tree torrent

It is not a typical torrent website, but rather a torrent search engine based on the content of other websites . It shows results from pages like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrent , which is why it is an excellent option to find files of any type.