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Your Expert RecommendedToday everything is smart. The car, the phone, the keys and even the house. But what about the plugs? Is nobody going to think about plugs? The truth is that yes. The TP-Link HS110 brings advances in technology to the home power grid. This smart plug is used to control electricity consumption, turn the lights on or off from anywhere or program our electronic devices.

All this with the advantage of controlling its operation from the mobile , both through WiFi and mobile data. Anywhere. In addition, with a graph of the energy consumption of the devices connected to the TP-Link HS110, which can help us understand where our money is going.

For vacations or business trips, the TP-Link HS110 also includes an “away” mode that randomly turns the house lights on and off to ward off potential thieves. This smart plug can be found in stores for a price of 40 euros . We have had the opportunity to test it and we will tell you our impressions.

Video analysis of the TP-Link smart plug

Start up

TP-LINK interface home plugOne of the keys to this gadget is its simplicity. The control of the HS110 is carried out entirely through the mobile, so we will have to download the Kasa for Mobile app , available for both Android and iOS.

Once downloaded, the first thing we are asked for is a registration that we have to do with an email account and password. The reason we have to enter this data is to create an ID that then allows us to connect our plug from anywhere .

Then, we choose the option “Add Device” and “Smart Plug”. It is at this time when you have to plug the TP-Link HS110 into the power and follow the indicated steps. In case this mode does not work for us, we also have the option of manually synchronizing the plug . To do this, you have to connect to the network generated by the plug itself and configure the connection to the WiFi network from there.

When the process has been carried out correctly, we can choose the name for our smart plug and also the favorite icon. In fact, we also have the option of creating a thumbnail with some of the photos that we have stored on the smartphone. To complete the configuration, we have to write the password of our WiFi network so that the plug becomes part of it.

TP-Link HS110 Features

Control from anywhere

One of the great advantages of the TP-Link smart plug is its ability to be used from any corner. By synchronizing it from the app, you can use mobile data to turn the plug on or off on the other side of the city (or the country or the world). Of course, first we will have to verify our email address so that it works correctly. In our case, we had to log out (exit the account) and re-enter to correctly recognize remote access.

From that moment on, all functions can be managed without having to be connected to the same WiFi network. For example, this is very interesting if we are going to return home and we want to heat the environment with an electric stove connected to the network.

TP-Link HS110 with hand

Main functions of the TP-Link HS110

The most obvious point of the TP-Link HS110 is to automatically turn off and on the devices connected to a socket or the lights themselves (in the case of connecting it to a lamp or similar). For this, we have a simple button at the top of the app. The change is practically automatic. However, the grace of having a smart plug is in its advanced options.

So, for example, just below we have a summary with the energy consumption in kilowatts and the time that the plug has been on during the current day. If we press on the power we will be able to see a broader summary of the power that is being used in watts and the average of the last week and the last month (thirty days). The same happens if we want to check the total time that the plug has been on in the period of the last week or the last month.

TP-Link HS110, improve your electricity consumption with this smart plug 1 TP-Link HS110, improve your electricity consumption with this smart plug 2TP-Link HS110, improve your electricity consumption with this smart plug 3

Program the plug

Another of the basic functions of any good plug worth its salt. From the Schedule icon the plug can be programmed to turn on or off at a certain time . In addition, you can choose the days of the week on which the order will take effect.

The programming can be completed with all the commands that are necessary to make a complex programming. By the way, here it is interesting the option to choose as time “Sunrise” (Sunrise) or “Sunset” (Dusk) instead of a specific time. The app takes the information of our geographical location to turn on or off the connected devices with the first rays of sun. Or at sunset.

Travel mode

The next icon is Away. In this case, it is a mode designed so that the lights turn off and on randomly over a period of time. The goal: confuse thieves and prevent them from knowing that we are not home


The last advanced mode is Timer. In this case, we select a period of time that moves between the minute and the full day. After that time we can determine that the plug stops working or turns on. The app will show us the remaining time of the countdown and the action that will take place . At any time we have the option to stop the process using the Stop button.

TP-Link HS110 functions

Price and opinion

The TP-Link HS110 smart plug has an official price of 40 euros , and you can find it in different stores such as  PcComponentes . For little expense you will get a gadget that can help you a lot at home. Its ease of use, the available options and the ability to show you the energy consumption you have during the month are some of its great attractions.

In addition, with the ability to control it from any corner through its app and the mobile data of your smartphone. We are not so hopeful with Away mode to mislead thieves, but in any case it never hurts to take all possible precautions.  In short, a small investment but with many advantages if we want to make the leap to the smart home.

TP-Link HS110

TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug Datasheet

BrandTp link
ModelTP-Link HS110
TypeSmart plug

Connection and functions

Wifi2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b / g / n WiFi
Mobile dataIt connects through the network to the mobile app
ModesSchedule, Travel Mode, Countdown
Energy consumptionPower consumption management
OthersWiFi Direct


Dimensions100.3 x 66.3 x 77 mm
Weight131.8 grams
ButtonsPower Button, Settings Button


NameKasa for Mobile
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and iOS 8 and higher
Other functionsQuick scenes, control of various devices, TP-Link ID in the cloud

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteTp link

Price: 40 euros